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2 feed in braids with small braids and curly ends

Feed-in braid hairstyles is one of the most popular protective braid hairstyles. If you want to go for a simple but unique and protective hairstyle, 2 feed-in braids hairstyle is something to consider. 

When you make two feed-in braids, you don’t have to worry about your edges falling off due to the tightness of the braid because it is a protective hairstyle. 

Although the hair is made for a short period, it’s mostly two weeks’ worth, but we will show you ways you can make it last longer for you. 

The hairstyle can be worn with hair cuffs or beads.

Here are some 2-feed braids hairstyles for you to try.

2 Feed In Braids

They are;

#1: Ombre 2 feed in Braids style  

Ombre 2 feed in braids with curly ends
Ombre 2 feed in braids style
Ombre 2 feed in braid packed up


Ombre 2-feed in the braid is one of the most common and simplest 2-feed-in braids, and it suits all hair shapes.

#2: 2 feed in Braid with Cornrows

2 feed in braid with cornrows style
2 feed in braid with stitch and cornrows


One of the more inventive two feed braids is two feed-in braids with cornrows. It is unique and can be worn to any occasion, making you stylish and ideal. They are 2 chunky braids with cornrows and extensions. 

#3 Multiple feed in braids Hairstyles

Heart shaped feed in braids
Heart shaped bun
Zig zag bun
Heart braids
Multiple braids
Stitch braids
Men feed in braids


Pop smoke hair style
Kids feed in braids
Kids feed in braids 1
Medusa feed in braids
4 feed in braids
Stitch feed in braids 1
Zig Zag feed in braids
Zig Zag feed in braids 1
Tribal feed in braids


Multiple feeds in braided hairstyles are astonishing and show a lot of creativity. If you are looking for something stylish with a lot of creativity, multiple feeds in braided hairstyles are all you need. It consists of stitch feed in a braid, medusa stitch in a braid, heart feed in a braid, zigzag feed in a braid, etc. 

#4 2 big feed in braids

2 feed in braids with side part


2 feed-in braids middle part
2 feed in braids side part 1
2 feed in braids with side part and hair cuffs


2 big feed-in braids are bigger than the normal size, they might be Ghana weaving or butterfly braid. If you are looking to make a simple Ghana or butterfly braid hair go for 2 big feed-in braid hairstyles. 


How to make your 2 feed in braid last longer 

• Use shampoo on a regular basis; avoid using a spray bottle while washing your hair; blot the hair gently with a towel to help dry; or use a dryer to blow out any if any.

• Cover your hair with a bonnet or scarf before you sleep. 

• Always moisturize your hair before you sleep.

• Use good edge control, not those that whiten the hair, which makes the hair get old quickly. 

We hope that you have found 2 feed-in braid hairstyles to make for your next look.


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