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How to wear orange and blue dress
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Would you like to know how to wear orange and blue dress in 2023 like a fashion killer? Then this article is for you. 

The question of how to wear orange and blue dress has been on the minds of many fashionistas. Blue and orange complement each other well since they are on opposite sides of the color wheel.

Blue’s complementary color is orange. Red, blue, and yellow are the three primary hues; orange is made up of red and yellow. The complementary colors of red and yellow are green (the combination of blue and yellow) and purple (the combination of red and blue). Similar colors are situated right across from one another on a color wheel.

Orange is considered to be an energizing color. Orange conjures up images of warmth, zeal, and excitement.

Blue is the color of the soul and is generally calming; it has an impact on our psychology rather than physical as red does. Lighter, softer blues can relax the mind and help with focus, while strong blues will encourage clear thinking. As a result, it is peaceful.

Similar to how opposites attract, these matching colors do too! Orange’s impetuous sides are grounded by blue’s stability, evoking a sense of exhilaration and confidence at the same time. This navy and rust pair, always eager to have fun, guarantees a good time.

Keep in mind that you can’t wear orange aggressively, so the blue on the top or down would be appropriate. Take care when choosing your shoes because these are pretty fancy clothes. The ideal color would be neutral or blue. 

Stay with us so you won’t miss out on the guide on how to wear orange and blue dress.

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How To Wear Orange And Blue Dress

1. Orange and blue outfit ideas 

How to wear orange and blue dress

Orange and blue outfit ideas are ways the two colors can be combined in a way that is accepted in the fashion world and soothing to the eyes. Aside from white, orange and blue are among the most fashionable looks. These are various outfit ideas for you to put on. 

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2. Orange with a polka-dot skirt 

How to wear orange and blue dress

The orange top can be paired with a polka-dot skirt and blue flat shoes. This combination is a summer or spring look. Because prints are spring-appropriate, you can substitute them for a spring look. 

3. Orange, blue, and pink 

How to wear orange and blue dress

Orange, blue, and pink play well together when you want to up your color-blocking game. It’s also a smart idea to pair a turtleneck top with a blue fur jacket and pink pumps. Like the way Solange Knowles wore it. If you can’t combine these three colors, choose only two of them. Orange and blue will do.

4. Orange Sweater with blue Pants 

How to wear orange and blue dress

An orange sweater with blue pants is the definitive fall look. Combining these two outfits is a way to say that orange isn’t only for summer but can be worn on chilly days.

5. Orange shirt with blue shorts

How to wear orange and blue dress

One of the questions fashion people always ask is: How do I style my shirt? We gave an example earlier, and this is another one. An orange button-down shirt with blue shorts works together without a doubt. 

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6. Orange and blue outfit aesthetic 

How to wear orange and blue dress

Chic outfit aesthetics are often characterized by orange and blue. Who doesn’t like a stylish combo? You’ll get one from this duo. They have proven to work well together. Moreover, they are one of the color blocks that you can wear with orange since blue exudes sophistication.  

7. Light blue and orange dress

Light blue shirt with orange skirt 

How to wear orange and blue dress

A blue shirt with an orange skirt combination is a sexy way to put on a summer dress like the one that is being worn in the image above. She wore an orange handbag with strappy shoes, which she looked gorgeous in. This is how to wear orange and blue dress for summer.

8. Light blue with orange handbag

How to wear orange and blue dress

A light blue large button-down shirt with an orange handbag and blue pumps is the ideal casual way to wear a light orange dress. This combo includes light blue and royal blue.

9. A blue suit with an orange bralette

How to wear orange and blue dress

An informal suit with an orange bralette and accessories It is a great summer outfit.

10. A white shirt with an orange skirt and blue accessory 

How to wear orange and blue dress

These three outfits are gorgeous combinations to match. For work clothes, when you don’t want plain blue and orange, add a white color.

11. Stripes, light blue and orange 

How to wear orange and blue dress

A black and white stripe blouse with an orange skirt and a light blue belt is the perfect workwear combo. 

12. Royal blue and orange combination dresses       

How to wear orange and blue dress

Since blue and orange are the ideal complementary colors for orange, there are various royal blue outfit ideas to put on to make you look adorable. 

13. Blue blazer with Orange Pants

How to wear orange and blue dress

For a corporate look, opt for a blue blazer with orange pants. By wearing a white camisole with a nude handbag, the contrast between the colors is reduced so that the outfit doesn’t appear to be color-blocked. 

14. Orange blazer with blue pants (trousers)

How to wear orange and blue dress

Another look is an orange blazer with blue pants (trousers), which is a cute chic combo if you don’t want to go for the latter. 


Do blue and orange go well together in clothing? 

Yes, blue and orange pair well together as clothes. The two colors pair together, and you can wear them with any clothes you can think of. From shorts, skirts, trousers, and gowns to jumpsuits. 

Does navy blue and orange match? 

Yes, navy blue and orange match together. Royal, sky, and light, blue pair well with orange. Royal blue-and-orange combination dresses    

Key Takeaways 

  • Orange and blue outfits are better when one of the colors dominates the other. Either orange is much or blue is much.
  • The proper way to accessorize orange and blue is with neutral accents.
  • Any shade of blue works well with orange, such as light blue, royal blue, sky blue, or navy blue. 
  • Orange and blue are not always casual looks, so make your combination classy. 

Here’s how to wear orange and blue dress. We have orange and blue outfits, light blue and orange dresses, and royal blue and orange combination dresses. For you to don like a fashion killer.

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