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How To Wear Yellow In The Fall
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How to wear yellow in the fall. I noticed that people are afraid to choose this color in the fall. Therefore, I decided to pick out a few ways to dress up this color in the fall. 

Yellow is not advisable to wear in autumn; this is an ideal color for summer. But when transitioning from summer to fall, this color is not a terrible idea. 

Yellow signifies happiness, positivity, creativity, hope, and friendship. And that’s the ideal summer moment, not autumn. Autumn is a breezy time with leaves falling off trees. The colors for this season are usually burnt orange, brown, red, or mustard yellow. 

According to Wikipedia, mustard yellow is a dull or dark yellow color that resembles culinary mustard. 

For a garment that isn’t too loud, you should choose a darker shade of yellow. And to fit into this season’s color scheme, opt for mustard yellow. 

The right way to wear this color in the fall is with yellow fashion accessories and be careful when choosing the shades to match with it. Combining this color with neutrals is a smart idea. It doesn’t mean that you can’t wear other fabrics like denim jeans, patterns or prints.  

If you want to know how to wear yellow in the fall below are tips and tricks you can use to flatter your mustard yellow in the fall. 

How to wear yellow in the fall

1. Pair mustard yellow with neutrals

How To Wear Yellow In The Fall
How To Wear Yellow In The Fall

The most common way anyone can think of is pairing yellow with neutrals. It could be white, gray, or black. 

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2. All yellow Look 

How To Wear Yellow In The Fall

The sour look is not for the faint of heart. Instead of wearing yellow as an actual outfit when you have many neutral accessories, use it as an accent or go monochrome. For fall, the most suitable outfit is a monochromatic outfit featuring yellow. To complete this look, slip on a mustard blazer. 

3. Rock mustard yellow as a camisole 

How To Wear Yellow In The Fall

When in doubt about how to rock yellow for fall, rock it with underwear. 

4. How to wear yellow in the fall with pink

How To Wear Yellow In The Fall

If you don’t want to use a neutral color block with it. Color block with pink instead. Don’t be afraid to try different colors with it. Combining pink with yellow for a color block is one of the most flattering combinations. 

5. Yellow paired with jeans 

How To Wear Yellow In The Fall
How to wear yellow in the fall

Pairing yellow with a denim jacket or pants is one of the most classic and casual ways to wear it. Since jeans are versatile, they go well with mustard yellow during the autumn season. Opt for a distressed jean pant or jean jacket. This is a vintage-inspired look must have look for fall. 

6. Yellow paired with prints


How To Wear Yellow In The Fall
How To Wear Yellow In The Fall
How To Wear Yellow In The Fall

Prints contrast well with mustard yellow. It could be animal skin prints, polka dot, checkered, or houndstooth. Consider a fall-inspired print when choosing an autumn outfit. The clothes you can choose are blazers, pants, or skirts. It depends on what you intend to wear for an occasion. 

7. Yellow paired with emerald green

How To Wear Yellow In The Fall

Yellow and emerald green are not on the same color wheel, but they work together. With a darker shade of yellow and green, it is more fall appropriate and you are in the safe zone. You can wear it as a suit or combine it with neutrals, prints, and mustard tones. 

8. Yellow paired with burgundy 

How To Wear Yellow In The Fall

Burgundy is a color most women are afraid of because they believe it is a man’s color. Burgundy is on the same color wheel as purple but a darker shade of it. It is a red-purple hue popularly called “wine color.” Burgundy is commonly worn as blazers or cardigans. 

9. Mustard yellow slip dress with jacket 

How To Wear Yellow In The Fall

When transitioning from summer to fall, wear a slip dress with a leather jacket. Since black is neutral, it always contrasts well with yellow. If you are stepping out, put on a hat or sunglasses. 

10. Yellow with brown 

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How To Wear Yellow In The Fall


You can choose a sophisticated color like brown to complement yellow. This color combo is what you choose when you want to try yellow with autumn colors. Brown is usually a man’s color in clothing, but women are adopting it now. If you want to wear it like a fashionista, wear your brown sweater with wide-leg pants for an office-ready look. 

I have written about yellow and how you can wear it in the fall.

How would you combine your yellow this autumn?

Tell me in the comment section. 

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