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Cool fashion accessories for ladies

Fashion accessories are necessary items for any outfit. You can turn a casual dress into an elegant dress by accessorizing. If you don’t accessorize, it’s like eating food without condiments. Eating won’t make sense, and neither will fashion accessories. When you dress without them, outfits look boring.

“Condiments are an essential in food, as accessories are important to outfits”.

Linda Onuoha

What are fashion accessories?

Fashion accessories are items that enhance clothing. They spice up your clothes and make you look gorgeous. Is

They are jewelries, shades, scarves, hats, bags, shoes, hair and seasonal accessories. Without them, clothes seem incomplete because they are part of them.

Types of fashion accessories

1. Jewelries




Jewelries are pieces of personal ornaments.

Types of Jewelries

· Necklaces

· Rings

· Nose rings

· Anklets

· Brooches

· Pendants

· Bracelets, etc.

They are made from metallic items like gold, gemstone or silver. When accessorizing, know that jewelry is an important accessory. Wearing too much jewelry is wrong.Outfits determines jewelries you can wear like a halter neck cloth doesn’t need a necklace. You can wear earrings and bracelets to cover up.

2. Shoes



Shoes are accessories used to cover the feet; they are worn to protect the feet. There are different shoes;

Types of shoes

· Flat shoes

· Platform shoes

· loafers

· Sneaker or tennis shoes

· Sandals

· Boots

· Flip flops

· Heel shoes, etc.

Different occasions and seasons determine when to wear a particular shoe. In areas where there is cold weather, you should not wear summer shoes during winter.

3. Bags



Bags are used to carry personal items like phones, makeup and money. It can be carried by hand, shoulder, wrist and waist.

Types of bags includes:


· Purses

· Shoulder bags

· Satchels

· Totes

· Wristlets

· Belt Bags

· Crossbody bags

· Backpacks, etc.


Take note: handbags differ from purses, though American English uses it interchangeable. Handbags are used to hold larger personal items. While purses are used to hold smaller personal items. They meant bags of leather, wool, suede, fabric or plastic. They’re used to store personal items but are also fashionable tool. You can rock a shimmer mini dress with a clutch and sandals heel to a wedding ceremony. As far as the color of the dress is not white, off-white, Ivory, all black, or all red and gold.

4. Belts



Belts are leather, wool, or plastic items worn to hold the waist.

Types of belts are:

· Skinny belts

· Embossed belts

· Rhinestone belts

· Corset belts etc.

It helps to lift the pants up. It is imperative for people with a thin waist.There are waist and tummy belts for ladies which are used to wear a simple A line gown, tops or Kimono Jackets.

5. Eye Glasses

Eye glasses

Eye Glasses or spectacles have different reason. People with vision problems use it to protect the eyes. 

Types of eye glasses are:

· Bifocals

· Progressive lens

· Sunglasses

· Trifocal lenses

· Polycarbonate

· Aviator

· Photochromic lens

· Horn-rimmed glasses

· Far-sightedness

· Brow line glasses, etc.

Sunglasses are used to protect the eyes from the scorching sun. 
In this day’s fashion, you see people wearing sunshades at night. it’s hilarious I must say. We saw how Kim Kardashian wore a sunglasses with a slinky catsuit at the Met Gala 2021 Rihanna party. It’s a fashion mistake that can forgive. It’s important you know when to wear a particular spectacle and wear eye glasses that fit your face.

6. Hats



Hats are used to cover the head. Some people with bald heads use it from the sun, while others use it as a fashion accessory. Different hats include.

Types of hat

· Sunhats

· Cloches

· Fedoras

· Visors

· Panama hats

· Baseball caps

· Bucket hats

· Berets

· Flat cap

· Tropical hat

· Cloche Hat

· Bowler Hat

· Top Hat

· Flat Cap etc.

They used bucket hats and fedora hats for different purposes. Bucket hats are worn with casual wear, while fedoras are worn with formal wears. Whichever hat you put on, know when to don each one, as we have written above.

7. Scarves



This is a piece of fabric, wool or silk. You can tie scarfs on the head, wear them around the neck, or wear them as clothes, it depends on how you wish to wear it.

Types of Scarves

· Cool

· Snood

· Infinity

· Bandana

· Triangle Scarves

· Blanket Scarves

· Satin Scarves

· Cotton Scarves

· Wool Scarves

· Silk Scarves

· Chiffon Scarves

· Pashmina Scarves, etc.

In some cold areas, scarves can protect the neck from cold. There are different DIY ways you can style it. Like on our Instagram page, we featured a woman who styled her suit with a scarf.

8. Hair accessories


Hair bands

You don them on your hair without you even thinking about wearing a hat.

Hair accessories include;

· Head bands

· Hairpins

· Hair clips

· Hair ties

· Ribbons

· Headscarves

· Headpieces

· Bonnets etc.

Hair accessories are always overlooked. It should be in every woman’s accessories.Even though a rubber band can serve as an alternative sometimes. One cannot overstate how important a bonnet is because it protects your hair when you do chores or sleep.

9. Seasonal accessories


Seasonal accessories


The last accessories on our list are seasonal accessories. People who live in cold climates wear it during cold weather.

They include;

· Wool scarves

· Gloves

· Hats

· And outwear such as puffer jackets, fur jackets, etc.

You can still be a fashionista during winter, with scarves, hats, and gloves that match your outfit.

It is pertinent to note that wearing too many accessories makes one look horrible.Keeping it simple is better than overdoing. It is better you wear no accessories than over accessorizing it, but we won’t tell you not to accessorize. So, keep it simple.

“Good dressing is largely a question of detail and accessories”.

Elsie de Wolfe



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