Why are women’s clothes so revealing?

why are womens clothes so revealing
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Early this month, I was going to get a pouch and charger for my sister’s phone when I saw a lady wearing a tight-fitted skimpy gown tweaking in front of two guys in the shop by the roadside. She had a bubble-butt and knew how to shake that ass, so pardon me for staring. It got even better when she started spanking her own ass. And, as expected, one of the guys reached out to help spank it too. (I walked across).

The scene got me thinking about what usually happened back then in the university with the ladies in my lodge. Thinking back, I wonder how I grew accustomed to seeing asses hanging out of bump shots and ladies twerking – rocking my crutch (in the name of dancing).

Anyway, I am not complaining. I am just here to answer the question, “Why are women’s clothes so revealing?”. But, before I do that, I’ll love to highlight an important difference between men and women when it comes to fashion.

Why are women’s clothes more revealing than men’s?

Generally speaking, men are barely (if at all) socially rewarded for looking “sexy”. They are rather rewarded (with respect, titles, and relationships) for being rich. This is why most men will work hard to get rich so they can buy stuff (like chains, cars, and houses) that makes them look rich.

However, (still generally speaking) society rewards women for being “sexy” – aka sex appealing. They get rewarded with compliments, gifts, and of course relationships. So, it makes sense that women will push the limits of their appearances by learning to walk gracefully, speak nicely, and of course, dress appealing.

The problem is, when you try to win the game society sets you up to play, things sometimes go awfully wrong. For guys, this could mean sacrificing their health and relationships, doing illegal (or unethical) things, and becoming aggressive (especially towards fellow guys) all in an attempt to get rich. Whilst for ladies, this could mean becoming superficial, putting on facades and stirring drama, dressing provocatively, and becoming passive-aggressive towards others (especially fellow ladies).

Now, there are a lot of hot buttons I just pushed there, and even though I am tempted to talk about it all, we’ll focus on provocative (or overly revealing dresses) in this article.

You may say, “What do I mean by provocative?”, “You don’t have the right to tell women what they should wear”, or “Men are sexpests, and can’t control themselves”. Well, as much as it is difficult to disagree with you – because provocativeness is subjective, and women have the right to dress how they like without being pestered – the reality is quite different from the world of ideas.

A simple question to start with is this…

Do guys like it when girls wear revealing clothes?

If you flip the question and ask, do girls like rich guys? The answer is obvious. Sure, not all girls will love a rich guy for simply being rich, but the majority will be biased toward a rich guy. This too is true for ladies wearing revealing clothing. The closer a lady is to nudity, the greater the desire a guy will naturally have for her. Period.

So, yes, most guys do like it when girls wear revealing clothes, but it is not for the right reasons. Just as any sensible rich guy will be cautious of any lady that flocks around him when he gets rich.

So, even though a lady has the right to wear whatever she likes, it is equally ridiculous for her to think guys don’t want to sleep with her for that very reason. As a matter of fact, any guy who is caring enough to ask a lady to cover up a bit has her best interest at heart (as the real sexpests, and rapists, will look to exploit her in her most vulnerable state – be it through manipulation, tempting offers, or blatant lies). If you are a lady, you already know this is true.

Just as a brand new car will be stolen if parked carelessly (despite it not being right to steal people’s cars), a lady will be objectified, and in some cases sexually harassed (or, God forbid, abused) if she doesn’t take extra care to adorn, carry, and protect herself (despite it not being right to harass peoples because of what they wear).

I am not saying sexy clothes are not beautiful, and that ladies shouldn’t wear beautiful clothing. But think…

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What clothes turn a guy on?

Revealing clothes like low cuts, transparent clothing, tight-fitting clothing, and any short or skirt that breaks the fingertip rule (i.e. goes above the tip of the finger when standing) all have the potential to turn on a guy. This is because it nudges and encourages the guy to imagine having sex with the lady, and the physiological reaction is automatic and very hard to handle even for guys who have self-control and high respect for ladies.

Clothing like these is often banned in workplaces because it distracts, and forces the guys to struggle with paying attention to the work at hand. Needless to say, most of such clothing is impractical for the wearer themselves and they know it (they know if they move too quickly the wind might expose their undies, nipples, or private parts). 

And, the question of being turned on is not something you educate out of people (even if everyone is ranting about how men should be taught to respect women). What we are talking about is how the male brain is weird. And, the designers know this too well, and that is exactly why they reveal and give emphasis to precisely those areas that men are biologically wired to respond to. From eyelashes, lipstick, push-up bras, waist beads, down to bump shots; all these are intentionally designed to make a woman appear appealing. The question is, “To who?” and, “For what?”

What clothes do guys like most on a girl?

As much as most guys will get turned on by a lady who is revealing a lot of skin, most guys will not want other guys seeing too much of their lady. Sure, guys want their lady to look great, and well taken care of, but they also want her to show some respect (for herself and him) by concealing their body (at least, the most lust-after parts) from the rest of the world.

Most guys love their ladies wearing 

  • Bright colored shirts
  • Flowering gowns
  • Scarlet dresses
  • Blue jeans
  • High heels
  • Etcetera. 

In fact, most guys want their ladies to take their breaths away. But they do not want their ladies to be sex objects. 

Sure, a guy may get very sexy gowns or lingeries for his partner (for their intimate moments), but he doesn’t expect it to be worn in the goddam streets (causing commotion).

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Do dress codes sexualize females?

Whilst there are a lot of reasons women wear revealing clothing, such as 

  • To feel free (say in their compound)
  • To dress the part (say on a beach)
  • To show they are confident in their skin (say at an event or when modeling)
  • To maintain their culture (because believe it or not, it is the norm in some cultures to show some skin)
  • And so on

Many women also chose to wear revealing clothing to 

  • Intimidate other women
  • Seduce men
  • Gather clout
  • Receive validation
  • Rebel against their culture and the norm.
  • And so on

My problem isn’t that they use their dressing for these purposes, but that a lot of them deny it, or (worse) are ignorant of what they are actually doing. And, neither of those is good for them, or the people around them. 

The first reveals a severe case of cognitive dissonance, whilst the second exposes a sheep mentality (and what do they say about sheep and the slaughter?)

The reality is that the way you dress can sexualize you. 

Why are revealing clothes popular?

In recent times, it is hard to ignore the upward trend of revealing clothes, especially at big events (like weddings or shows). It seems that at every subsequent event ladies appear in less. What might be the reason? My guess is social media and TV.

Just as many young men are going into internet fraud thanks to seeing what other young men half their age are doing on social media, many women are also striving to meet up with the trend by wearing half of what was worn by the last lady who gained social media attention.

There is also the case of celebrities setting these trends. Many famous female celebrities are often spotted wearing next to nothing in their music videos and on their appearances on social media. Whilst they may be doing this to signal that social norms don’t constrain them, it is dangerous to follow them when you still live at the bottom of society. Isn’t it funny how people will still respect celebrities whose sex tapes are all over the internet but won’t respect another lady who doesn’t dress “decently”? Different playing fields.

Celebrities know sex sells. So, they dress sexy to sell their brands. They do not deny it. They even go ahead to add it to their descriptions and song lyrics. If that is not what you want to sell, then why dress that way? 

Is wearing revealing clothes okay?

I have nothing against showing some skin. Everything has to be in moderation. 

Reveal as much as you are comfortable with. And always have in mind that your clothes start speaking before you say a word (this is quite obvious when going for an interview, but still remains true in all settings). 

Why is he driving a Lamborghini instead of a Honda? Our appearances speak.

You can always wear the attires you admire without exposing your skin unnecessarily. In fact, there are a lot of fashion accessories out there that help you look modest whilst looking great. For example, 

  • wearing a camisole in a complementary color underneath your low-cut dress,
  • wearing a removable panel to cover your cleavage,
  • using a double-sided fabric tape to hold the fabric in a position that covers your cleavage,
  • wearing clothes with underlays,
  • and so on.

It’s not that hard to look great whilst looking decent  (assuming decency is what you are aiming for). It is no surprise too why many women still slit long gowns till it becomes indecent (because indecency is exactly what they are aiming for). 

If we are being honest with each other, the reason why many women’s clothing are revealing is simply because they want to draw attention to themselves.

Summary and Conclusion:

  1. The content intentionally started with the story of a lady wearing a revealing dress, and a man (who lacked self-control) “harassing” her. It was intended to demonstrate the reality of things despite our arguments – i.e. such harassment will continue to happen despite the view we hold, just as crimes will continue to happen even if most people aren’t criminals. 
  2. The second heading – why are women’s clothes more revealing than men’s? – highlights the unhealthy stereotypes that exist in society, but does NOT argue that they are good. Rather, it argues that it is dangerous for people to allow such stereotypes to control them.
  3. The third heading – do guys like it when girls wear revealing clothes? – does NOT argue that women are sex objects. It rather highlights the biological inclination of men towards the female bare body.
  4. The fourth heading – what clothes turn a guy on? – does NOT argue that women should cover their entire body, but that women should dress practically – knowing that their attire can become a distraction or beacon for the wrong sort of men. 
  5. The fifth heading – what clothes do guys like most on girls? – does NOT attempt to tell women what to wear. Rather, it highlights a few clothes that are decent yet appealing enough to attract the right kind of men.
  6. The sixth heading – do dress codes sexualize females? – tries to highlight the different reasons women dress in different ways (with emphasis on revealing clothes). It also points out that women sexualize themselves knowingly or unknowingly by the way they dress. What it does NOT do is lift the blame from the abusers.
  7. The seventh heading – why are revealing clothes popular? – attempts to triangulate the root cause of the spike in revealing clothing. It pointed to social media and Television being major influencers of such culture. It also advises women that Television and Social Media influencers appear in revealing clothing mostly because “sex sells”.
  8. The eighth heading – is wearing revealing clothes okay? – talks about moderation and how women can still look great without losing decency. 
  9. The ninth heading – Summary and Conclusion – was written to clarify things so readers (especially some women who are seemingly addicted to wearing such revealing clothing and have no interest in reason or facts) don’t get the author wrong, or twist his words. 

It is worth mentioning that the author has nothing against nudity, as he’s an artist and considers nudity beautiful. However, he argues that for the sake of decency, respect, practicality, and most importantly (the women’s) safety they should wear less revealing clothes. 

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