100 Back-to-School Braid Styles For Little Girls

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Looking for gorgeous braid styles for little girls? Then you are in the right place.

Remember when I was a child and how I loved seeing kids with braids, even though I had a low cut then? I wasn’t upset about my low cut, but the excitement I had wasn’t up to what the kids in braids had. They always shake their beaded braids and receive admiration from their classmates. They were also given special treatment and most of them looked gorgeous in it.

From my experience as a child, I can say that children today feel excited about the new braid. Even adults are happy when they make creative braid styles and talk more about kids.

With your child going to school and the hurdles that come with preparing them for school. We know making them braid hairstyles can be hectic. If you are the one making the hair or you have a lifesaver hairdresser. It’s always good to make your child the hair she would feel comfortable and happy with.

If your daughter is easygoing and can keep her head at a certain point then you are a lucky one. It means you can explore a lot of styles on her. If she doesn’t keep her head at a certain point then you have to be super-fast.

Any hair you make for your child should be cute with lovely hair accessories like beads, scarves, and headbands to spice up her look.

Keep reading 100 back-to-school braid styles for little girls.

100 Braid Styles For Little Girls 

Kid braid Preparation

Braid Styles For Little Girls

Before you braid your child’s hair or take her to a salon. There are some things you should do.

  1. Comb your child’s hair with the right comb for her hair.
  2. Make sure your child’s hair is washed with shampoo and water.
  3. Apply a conditioner to the hair.
  4. Use a towel to dry or a hair dryer to blow dry and hot comb the hair.
  5. Apply an anti-itch cream or spray to the hair.

Little Girl Braids with Beads

Little kids braid with bead
Kids lemonade braid with bead
Kids braid with bead
Kids braids with beads
Kids braids with bead and updo
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Lemonade heart shape hair for kids
Little girl braids with beads
Kids braids with beads
Toddlers braids with beads
Braids with beads
Kids braid styles
Fulani braids for kids
Toddlers hair
Heart braid hairstyle
Black girl hairstyles
Cute hairstyles for black girls
Kids braids
Double heart shape braids
Lemonade braids for kids
Fulani braids for little girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls

Little girl braids with beads are the most popular braid hairstyles for kids. Most kids love it because it allows them to show off their pretty hair in a fun display to their friends. When you make your kid’s hair, try adding hair accessories like beads every now and then. It could be multicolored beads or white beads. The most popular white beads among kids are transparent. Or a mixture of different colors. Bead gives your child’s hair an extra pop. For elegant but interesting and functional hair accessories, opt for beads.

Style tip: The way to wear Fulani braids the right way is with different stack beads or cowries.

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Kids 2 Feed-in Braids

Feeds in braid for kids
2 feed in braids styles
Toddlers 2 feed in braids
2 Feed in braid for kids

When it comes to protective braids for your child, two feed-in braids are recommended. Your child will look simple, yet elegant with 2 braided feeds. If your child can’t stay at a place for so long you should make them 2 feed in braids.

Style tip: There are limitless ways your hairdresser can make it from zigzag, ombre, Medusa, stitch, Ghana, or butterfly braids.

Kids Box Braids

Box braids styles
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls

These braid styles for little girls are timeless hairstyles. From jumbo box braids to big Ghana weaving, bob, to butterfly box braids. Choose from either of the styles to braid your child a lovely hairstyle.

Style tip: Box braids are easy to loosen and they give a fuller face look. You can opt for a bob if you prefer shorter hairstyles for your kid.

Kids Ponytails and Updos (Shuku)

Braid Styles For Little Girls
Braid Styles For Little Girls
Ponytail for kids
Purple and black braids  ponytail
Up hair for kids
Shuku for kids
Uphairdo for kids
Kids braids up hairdo
Kids braids up hairdo
Kids braids up hairdo

This braided hairstyle allows your child’s hair to be arranged. It can be accessorized with colorful beads, hair cuffs, strings, rubber bands, or gorgeous extensions. Updos bring out your kid’s face and if they have a forehead it will make it pop out. From feed-in braids to Shuku braid styles for little girls are endless.

Style tip: This style of hair makes your child look exquisite and brings out their face. The Yoruba hairstyle Shuku is known to bring out the face.

Easy Braids for Kids

Easy hairstyles for kids
Easy hairstyles
Banku knots for kids

The easiest braids for kids range from using their natural hair to style theirs to using a simple attachment to braid their hair. This look of hair is easy and stress-free.

Style tip: Make your child’s hair stress-free when you have limited time.

Kids Braid Maintenance Tips

There are different ways to maintain your child’s hair. They include;

  • Wash your child’s hair with shampoo using a spray bottle while washing her hair don’t allow it to waterlog. Blot the hair with a towel to help dry it, or use a dryer if any.
  •  Cover your child’s hair with a bonnet or scarf before she sleeps.
  • Always moisturize your child’s hair before she sleeps.
  • Use good edge control on your child, not one that whitens hair and makes it more brittle.


In conclusion making kids braids can be hectic but it is worth the stress and there are many differnts styles to make them from easy braids, 2 feed in braids and others I have written in this article.

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