How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans in 2023: 30 Stunning Ways

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How to wear straight-leg jeans. In the year 2022, the internet was abuzz with a controversial denim debate between millennials and Gen Z on the best jean style – skinny, wide-leg, or low-rise.

However, for those who prefer a classic and versatile denim look, straight-leg jeans are a perfect choice. As such, let’s delve into some styling tips on how women can rock straight-leg jeans in 2023.

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans in 2023

While styling straight-leg jeans may seem challenging at first, they are a reliable and timeless option that will never go out of style.

One of the main hurdles with this style is their narrow shape, which can make them difficult to tuck into boots or pair with certain shoes.

However, to make the most of these jeans, it’s essential to pair them with body-hugging tops, or experiment with trendy accessories purses, sneakers, and heels.

To showcase this denim trend, we’ve compiled some examples of how fashion-forward individuals are styling full-length jeans right now.

How to style straight-leg jeans with sneakers

It is easy to style straight-leg jeans with sneakers despite the fact that they are difficult to style in general. There are different ways to combine them so your outfit doesn’t look basic.

They are as follows:

Straight-Leg Jeans + Chunky Sneakers

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Shoe statement-making chunkiness is key. Straight-leg jeans look chic thanks to their striking, outlandish silhouettes.

A comfortable pair of dad sneakers or a more fashionable pair that will see you through the seasons in style are also options. Whichever shoe you choose to lace up, you’ll give your appearance a fresh feel.

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Straight-Leg Jeans + “Dad” Sneakers

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

If you haven’t noticed by now, retro shoes are making a major comeback. Scandinavian It girls pair them with every style of jeans, including skinnies and raw-edge straight legs.

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Low-Tops and Straight-Leg Jeans

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Straight-leg jeans are attractive and go well with any type of low-top sneaker. For a classic style, we prefer you pair black and white pieces with medium-wash blue denim.

Preppy straight-leg and polished loafers (Kendal Jenner)

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Although Kendall Jenner joined the craze, straight-leg jeans continue to be the new-generation super’s go-to style. For a recent outing in Los Angeles, Kendall wore a graphic T-shirt tucked into an ankle-length pair of acid-wash straight-leg jeans. She accessorised with a pair of polished preppy shoes.

Retro and vintage sneakers go well with straight-leg jeans

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Of course, sneakers are as classic as straight-leg jeans. So it makes sense that they would complement one another so! Any type of denim wash will look amazing with a light-weighted cardigan and canvas.

Try a bright retro form or design to spruce up your appearance. Think about experimenting with combinations of leather and suede or colour-blocking.

Slip-on shoes with Straight-leg Jeans 

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

To highlight your slip-on sneakers, reach for a pair of straight-leg jeans with a thinner fit. They are very simple to wear and style! You can get started as soon as you put them on.

They’ll transport you in complete comfort from grocery shopping to school pickup. All you need to do is sling a tote bag over your shoulder.

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How to style straight-leg jeans in winter

In chilly and rainy conditions, straight-leg jeans are the non-skinny jean that is the simplest to style. There are many styling options. The list is as follows:

Large collars in the ’70s (Strong Collars)

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

This winter, let huge collar energy permeate all your tops, shirts, and blouses. Consider oversized Peter Pan collars, ruffled collars with a Victorian flair, or enormous collars in the ’70s. These are the perfect accent for your straight-leg jeans.

Boots for hiking

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

What other type of footwear is everyone pairing this season with jeans? You only need to click through Instagram to notice how popular hiking boots have become. They look cute with both wide-leg and straight-leg jeans.

Puffer coat

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

As the weather begins to cool off, puffer jackets are the ideal jacket to pair with jeans. Cloud-like cropped beige and cream versions have been seen on cool girls who are wearing them with winter whites.

How to style straight-leg jeans with boots

Winter Hiking Boots

There is a group of lace-up winter boots that appear to strike the right balance between warm and sporty. We adore these boots, especially in the muddy weather of spring (although they also function well in winter as long as the snow isn’t too deep).

There are a lot of these chilly hiking boots that go well with baggy, straight-leg jeans. To complement the denim, you need to pick a pair of wool socks with nubs and roughness.

Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots (High Shaft)

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

One of the sleekest options is the high-shaft Chelsea boot, which is one of the few boot designs that can be tuck under regular jeans. With some thick socks, this combination is warm enough for most activities even though it is not as warm as the other boots before listed (although, on cold days I still need my real winter boots).

Chunky Chelsea Boots (With Socks)

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

If you decide against wearing a high-shaft Chelsea boot or if you are tall enough that the top of your jeans will show some leg—thick, warm socks can fill the gap. For the longest leg line, it’s imperative to match your socks to your jeans.

Doc Martens

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Another excellent option for the winter is Doc Martens. Besides being warm when worn with thick socks, they can often handle the mud. Additionally, they match well with non-skinny jeans because they tend to have a longer shaft.

Of course, if a leg peeks out, wear longer, cosier stockings (and we still love marled knit socks for pairing with denim).

How to wear straight-leg jeans petite

Denim on Denim 

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Straight-leg jeans can be worn by petite with denim on denim and platforms. 

The fact that most pairs of non-skinny jeans don’t look well on petite women straight out of the box is one of the key reasons it takes them so long to get used to them. For a flattering appearance, the ideal length can be crucial, and most jeans on the market need to be modified or adjusted for tiny women. It’s a simple process whether the bottoms are cuffed, chopped, or hemmed.

Various ways to style petite straight-leg jeans include the following;

Start by adjusting your straight-leg jeans to strike at a flattering length before considering styling options. Also, watch out that your waistline doesn’t recede beneath a loose top and loose bottom.

Always choose a higher rise, and for balance, keep your length above your ankles.

Here are 4 outfit suggestions with the same pair of pants and t-shirt.

There are many of these straight-cut Everlane t-shirts in different colours, both with and without pockets, and they should be a mainstay in your wardrobe. Size up for a more relaxed fit because the length tends to run on the shorter side.

You can wear a Moto jacket and tucked tee with straight-leg jeans for petite. Pair straight-leg jeans with a trench coat and nude pumps. Also, you can pair straight-leg jeans with a sweater and flat sandals. Combine straight-leg jeans with a blazer for petite women.

Tops to Wear with straight-leg jeans

Tuck or crop your shirts

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Any number of tops, such as T-shirts, turtlenecks, or button-down blouses, look stylish with straight-leg jeans. When styling straight-leg jeans, always aim for a top that draws attention to your waist. To achieve this, tuck your shirt in at the waist. If you don’t want to tuck your shirt in, wear a bodysuit or a crop top.

Smocked Top

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

One of the sexiest tops to pair with straight-leg jeans is a smocked top. It is flattering and adds a plus shape to the figure, creating the right look for summer.

Light Cardigan and bralette 

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

It’s okay to put on one of your light cardigan with bralette. It comes in different varieties of styles but one of the must-have colours is black, white, or nude. You can wear it not only for summer but as a top with straight-leg jeans when the weather starts getting chilled. 

Corset tops

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

This is one of the biggest trends for 2023. It pairs well with straight-leg jeans, and they come in different shapes. But it all flatters the figure and gives a smaller waist or a larger bottom.

Spaghetti top

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

The inner wears. Spaghetti tops are among the most fashionable camisoles. The top can be worn as outerwear and has a tank or halter neck.

White Tee with Straight-leg Jeans

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

A plain tee usually pairs well with straight-leg jeans and sneakers. You can also opt for a graphic black tee or a white tee with or without graphics for a more sophisticated look. The image above is exactly how fashion girls are wearing it.

Black Straight Leg Jeans

Black straight-leg jeans with a white crop top

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Straight-leg black jeans are flexible, but this pair’s raw edge gives them a rock ‘n’ roll edge. Play up this vibe with sandals and loose white crop top.

A leather jacket might work. Particularly when paired with straight-leg jeans and a form-fitting top, a cropped motorcycle jacket draws attention to your waist and provides extra warmth to your look. For a cool and casual style, wear a pair of ripped, dark-wash straight-leg jeans with a crop top and black shoes.

Shoes to wear straight-leg jeans 2022

Flats keep it stylish no matter what you’re wearing. Stylish and timeless flats are among the most versatile women’s shoes for every occasion.

They are excellent shoes to pair with straight-leg jeans!

You can have such a drawer full of flats and need more thanks to a timeless shape and countless style options. For instance, pointed-toe flats scream class.

What’s new in shoe trends? Ballet flats with a square toe are ideal for adding a dash of edge to your look. Ballet shoes have a timeless appeal.

Try a pair of ballet suede or lambskin ballerina flats if you prefer a more elegant style. Any type of straight-leg jeans will look great paired with any elegant flat.

Mules and straight-legs

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Flats, move aside! Here are your new favourite shoes. For spring, summer, or fall, mules are ideal. Your dress might become more attractive by adding pointed toes. A casual outfit can be dressed up with chunky mules. To add a tad of height, add a heel.

Put on a pair of ripped jeans and your go-to mules for a laid-back day of errands. If you’re brave, consider wearing a mule in animal print! If so, see my post about how to dress for shoes with leopard print.

Straight-leg + Strappy Sandals

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Everyone needs a pair of strappy sandals in their closet. They compliment anything. Jeans with straight legs are no exception. They can carry your denim from the coffee shop to the lounge in style because they are the crown jewel of your shoe collection.

Try pairing medium-wash jeans with skinny leg and brown strappy sandals. Wear dark denim and black sandals out at night. Additionally, your preferred footwear to match a jumpsuit!

Jeans with straight legs and kitten heels

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Your best friend might be a little bit taller. Anything from mules to sling backs slides to sandals, and everything between. These heels go best with straight-leg jeans right now! While less scary than a pump, kitten heels might feel fancier than a flat.

They may also be comfier than your high stilettos due to their lesser height. To elevate your straight-leg jeans, choose a pair with a bow or accent on the toe.

Angular-toed pumps

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Straight-leg jeans were designed to be worn with pumps. Choose a pair of almond-toe pumps with a low to medium heel for all-day comfort. A thick heel will also be helpful.

But, raise it as high as you like. Every time, heels and straight-leg jeans look gorgeous together.

You can wear any style of straight-leg jeans. From mom jeans to high-waisted, distressed, and skinny jeans. If you prefer wearing cropped jeans to highlight your heels and chic sharp toes, in a more formal setting, would enjoy longer jean that reaches your ankles.

Fashion advice: Pointed-toe heels might not provide enough lift to make your skimming jeans look better when worn with flats.

Straight-leg clothing summer

When the weather starts to warm up, the coolest people will try these jeans with low-heeled strappy sandals rather than pointed ankle boots.

Straight-leg Jeans with Camisole

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

Straight-leg jeans can be worn with a camisole to flatter the figure and show off some skin. As little clothing is required during summer, experiment with camis of various colours while maintaining the hot girl summer vibe.


Straight-leg Jeans with a Halter Neck

How to Wear Straight-leg Jeans Women’s 2023

People remember halter necks during summer. It is one of the summer must-have tops because it matches any jeans during this season. You can throw in a lightweight cardigan to spice up your look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are straight-leg jeans?

Straight-leg jeans bridge the gap between the skin-tight edgy look and the casual boyfriend look. The straight-leg jean is the ideal middle ground, being more accommodating than the first and less baggy than the second. It finishes with a flattering and leg-lengthening finish that sits mid to high on the waist and carries right down to the leg.

What to wear with 90’s straight-leg jeans

There are different outfits to wear with 90’straight leg jeans and they are as follows:

Crop top and straight-leg jeans Cardigan

Cropped cardigans look fantastic and give your outfit some structure.

An oversize tee and straight-leg jeans

Big pants, a large top — you’ll adore this outfit since it’s very comfortable and you’ll feel confident in it despite all the larger items. You can pair it with a crew neck graphic tee because you adore the cool girl, casual feeling it exudes.

Straight-leg jeans are worn with tank tops and tiny tops

You might love to slip it on a sweatshirt and tie it across your torso. Tank tops are also quite fashionable and figure-flattering.

Who should wear straight-leg jeans?

Any woman should wear straight-leg jeans, but they are more suitable for hourglass, apple body shapes. People with athletic physiques can wear it too.

What shoes to wear with straight-leg jeans?

There are many shoes to wear with straight-leg jeans. We listed shoes to wear with straight-leg jeans during summer or winter in this article before.

These are how to wear straight-leg jeans for women in 2023.

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