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How to style mom jeans 2022
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Mom jeans are a versatile and timeless item that should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. With their high waist and loose-fitting legs, they offer both comfort and style. Making them suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a trip to the market, a day at work, or a lunch date with friends.

As one of the most adaptable and classic pieces you can own, mom jeans are a must-have garment that can be paired with a variety of outfits.

If you’re unsure about how to style them, don’t worry! There are plenty of trendy and innovative ways to wear mom jeans and make them your own.

What are Mom Jeans, exactly?  

How to style mom jeans 2022

According to Wikipedia “Mom jeans is a pejorative slang term for high-waisted women’s jeans that were the first fashionable in the late 1980s and early 1990s”.

The mom cut has a high waist and a long zipper, making it one of the most fashionable casual outfits. This denim has a roomy leg that can make you appear taller, and it’s a feminine alternative to the more relaxed boyfriend appearance. 

These jeans are blue with no rips or tears in the cloth, although they look as cute with some tears. This denim is ideal for a romantic brunch date or a night out on the town with your girlfriends.  

How to Style Mom Jeans 2022

How to style mom jeans 2022

There are different ways to style mom jeans in 2022, which include the following;

  • Wear a slim-fit T-shirt or a roll neck to extend your physique and streamline your silhouette.
  • For a high-fashion twist, wear fishnets under your ripped jeans if it’s freezing outside.
  • During the transitional seasons, keep things casual with kitten heels and a sweatshirt.
  • Denim is a wide range of options for every occasion. Mix and match different styles.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles; for a relaxed and stylish look, go for oversized jackets and shoes.

How to Style Mom Jeans with Sneakers 

How to style mom jeans 2022

There is a plethora of sneakers to match with mom’s jeans. Retro, platform, athletic, and high-top are a few examples. Sneakers and mom jeans will be your go-to for casual days and beyond.

Keep in mind that style and comfort coexist.

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How to Style Mom Jeans in Winter 

If you’re unsure how to wear your mom’s jeans this winter, here are a few ideas to help you look comfy, fashionable, and stylish.      

  • Add a touch of glam with a fur vest
How to style mom jeans 2022

Although we may not all have fur coats, the majority of women own a fur vest or other similar items. That or a fur-vesting pal. Or a neighbor with a fur vest from a cousin of a friend. The point is that you may get one. For a sleek, 70s look, pair your high-waisted, loose-fitting jeans with the furry item. The blend is relaxed enough to grab chocolate croissants with a buddy in the early afternoon. But, it is sophisticated enough to lean against a bar in the evening and order a round of gin and tonics for your party. Win, win, win!

  • Pair with a pretty Winter Coat
How to style mom jeans 2022

Drowning a piece you’re not sure about beneath tailored pieces is another great way to quiet it down. The rest of your clothing falls into place when you have a winter coat over your shoulders or a powerful collar on your button-up. Attention is drawn to the well-crafted components, and the rest of the look’s aspects become accents. If you have a nice coat with powerful lapels and stylish boots in a neat shape, the mom jeans will not be the focal point of the outfit. They’ll be more of a fun element that adds some creative contrast.

How to style mom jeans in summer

How to style mom jeans 2022

Summer requires little clothing if you’re heading anywhere except work and church. The hottest summer outfits to wear with mom jeans include tees, lightweight cardigans, velvet crop tops, tank tops, and halter neck tops.  

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How to style mom jeans plus size        

How to style mom jeans 2022

These mom jeans are among the most flattering shapes. The free fit with a high waist elongates your legs and gives you an hourglass figure. Wear it with a basic, slim-fitting shirt or bodysuit to slim your figure and a pair of heels to elongate your legs. For a night out, darker blue is better, but don’t be hesitant to try something lighter or with rips in the knees. With a statement belt to cinch your midsection, you’re ready to head out.

How to style mom jeans for school                    

How to style mom jeans 2022

For a comfortable yet stylish school outfit, pair a baggy pair of mom jeans with a casual graphic tee and sneakers. This should be a school-appropriate style but double-check your dress code.

In the winter, add a cropped jacket or a long-sleeved jumper in place of the graphic tee. Wear jewelry that is appropriate for your school’s dress code.

The outfit shown above is a stylish way to wear mom jeans to school and is suitable for both middle and high school.

This is also a suitable look for the university, depending on your campus’s dress code.

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Tops to Wear with Mom Jeans 

How to style mom jeans 2022

Mom jeans are adaptable and can be worn up or down, particularly in a classic blue. Button-downs, T-shirts, turtleneck sweaters, silk blouses, simple crop tops, and cardigans are some of the appropriate clothes to pair with them.

How to style mom jeans curvy      

How to style mom jeans 2022

Mom jeans are the chic alternative to denim pants that every woman loves. They are the polar opposite of skinny jeans, cigarette pants, and tight jeggings.

The prominence of these high-waisted, loose denim has spiked today, and it is hand-in-hand with the current body-positivity trend. This is a welcome change for “plump” women who have spent years choking legs in tight, creased skinny jeans.

Let’s take a look at the new trend of mom jeans, which are waist-flaunting, fitting, and lounge, and why they’re so popular.

These jeans, which were before worn with untucked large sweaters and oversized T-shirts, are now pinup-style. Mom jeans are a style statement that all women love. They’re worn with tucked-in shirts and tops to flaunt the curvy lines of the body. We’ve always been told is “plus-size,”. The pants are coupled with dazzling accessories to juxtapose the pared-down mood of the jeans themselves, whether coupled with high heels or embroidered, statement footwear.

How to wear mom jeans in your 30s

How to style mom jeans 2022

While purchasing these trendy cut-off jeans, many women wonder, “How do I wear mom jeans in my 30s?” You want to feel elegant and on-trend without worrying about what to wear when you walk into your closets each morning.

In your 30s, many have different fashion needs than they did in their 20s. They’re either working hard to advance in their careers or tackling the challenges of parenting. You don’t have the time to obsess over your appearance. What you want are quick outfits that make you feel comfortable. They are practical and make you look good.

The mom’s jean has arrived. Replace your tight skinny jeans with something more on-trend, which is a much better fit for women’s bodies.

Mom’s jeans are flattering on all body shapes and have been in style for a long time. This jean cut is the right blend of fashionable, casual, and stylish when paired with a cute top and heeled booties – perfect, right?

Different ways to style mom jeans in your 30s are as follows:

1. Wear your mom’s jeans with a sophisticated leather jacket

How to style mom jeans 2022

Mom jeans and a stylish leather jacket are a classic combination that never goes out of style. These two fashion pieces are both timeless, and they go together like a dream.

Whether you choose to wear your mom’s jeans with a black or brown leather jacket, both styles work fantastic. Leather jackets look fabulous paired with denim mom jeans in classic blue wash, but they also look gorgeous in darker washes like indigo or plain black.

Pair your blue mom jeans with a black leather jacket, black stiletto boots, and a matching black thick belt. For an effortless look, finish your ensemble with a neutral-toned jumper. If you want a warmer variation of this look, wear brown ankle boots with a brown leather jacket and a matching belt.

This easy-to-wear outfit is one of our favorites in the fall. Wearing mom jeans is enjoyable; wear them any chance you get, so being able to style them in a variety of ways throughout the seasons is crucial. 

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2. Style with a cropped sweater for a fashionable yet conservative look

How to style mom jeans 2022

Mom jeans with a crop top are quite fashionable right now. But here’s the point… I don’t know about you, but crop tops can make people in their 30s uncomfortable.

All that exposed skin might make you feel vulnerable, and you will be left wondering if you’re stylish or if you’ve completely missed the target.

But what if you’re a fan of the current silhouette and want to try it out? A cropped sweater is a stylish option. Sweaters feature a lot more material than cropped tops or t-shirts, and they’re especially lovely in the fall. Bright sweaters are fantastic with mom jeans for a flash of color that complements the jean’s design.

Choose a sweater that is long enough to reach the waistline of your mom jeans, as seen in the image above to avoid showing too much skin. This is much more comfortable, especially when you sit — if you despise having a chilly strip of exposed back.

3. In your 30s, pair your mom jeans with heeled ankle boots to lengthen your legs

How to style mom jeans 2022

Mom jeans with a pair of towering black ankle boots are a match made in heaven. That’s all there is to it.

A stylish finish is achieved by elongating the silhouette of the jeans. With a sleek pair of boots, this is both feminine and laid-back enough for weekend errands. For an off-duty celebrity vibe, keep the rest of the ensemble black.

To show how this combo works well with different fits, combine two versions of mom jeans (high-waisted and balloon leg) with black ankle boots like in the image above. This dress is ideal for women in their 30s since it is trendy yet subtle, and it is sensual without exposing too much skin – which is exactly what you want, right?

4. Pair with sneakers and a basic white tee for a laid-back look

How to style mom jeans 2022

A decent quality plain white tee and the simple black flat shoe is another classic casual mom jeans match.

This outfit is a no-brainer; you can slip it on without thinking about it and it will always look terrific. Are you pressed for time to get the kids dressed in the morning? Tuck a white top into your mom’s jeans for a comfortable yet fashionable look.

It’s also great for weekends after a long week of grueling work! On Saturday mornings, sometimes you want to drop into the sofa without looking at your closet. On certain days, especially in the summer, you might find yourself pairing this outfit time.

Simple white shoes look great with mom jeans and go with everything. Put them on before heading out for your morning coffee.

5. For a classy finish, layer a long lapel collar coat over your mom’s jeans ensemble

How to style mom jeans 2022

For a polished look in the winter, layer a chic long lapel collared coat over your mom’s jeans.

A long coat is elegant and looks gorgeous with mom jeans and boots for a casual yet stylish look. When stepping out on the weekends in the winter, this is a great way to dress up your mom’s jeans a little.

For a pop of detail, pair a dusty pink coat with simple blue wash mom jeans and a printed bag in the photo. The outfit looks fantastic, and it’s a lovely style for women in their thirties. It ticks all your boxes: it’s simple, adorable, and warm!

6. Wear mom jeans with a black tee, and a chunky belt in your 30s

How to style mom jeans 2022

Combine your mom jeans with a black Tee and a chunky belt for a stunning daytime look. This outfit is so classy and flattering, and it’s adorable for a lunch date or a shopping day with the girls. For an on-trend look, pair it with a camel-colored trench coat during the weather get cold.

Pairing your mom jeans with items in a natural color palette is a simple way to make them appear more expensive. Black tees make an outfit more glamorous and are stunning on all skin tones in soft earthy tones.

How to wear mom jeans in your 40s  

How to style mom jeans 2022

Styling mom jeans in your 40s is like styling it in your 20s or 30s, but in your’40s wear more decent outfits. Distressed jeans and torn jeans are the only jeans not to wear (if you like them decent). Remove FOMO and rock your mom’s jeans in many fashionable ways. 

Fashion has progressed to the point that anything is considered worn with conviction. Some women over 40 will look gorgeous in a dark pair of straight-leg Levi’s or a washed denim bootcut style, both of which are denim classics. Yes, that original reverse denim ‘mom jeans’ from the 1980s, which are back in style, may be appropriate.

Replicate an over-30’s dress and make sure you are comfortable in either a cropped top or distressed jeans. 

How to wear mom jeans with boots 

How to style mom jeans 2022

I’ve got you covered if you’re wondering what boots to wear with mom jeans. There’s a pair of boots that wouldn’t look amazing with mom jeans, whether ankle boots or combat boots. Put your boots on and walk out the door.  

High-waisted mom jeans outfit ideas 

How to style mom jeans 2022

These high-waisted mom jeans are in vogue with many outfit ideas that you would look stylish in. 

Mom’s jeans and heels 

How to style mom jeans 2022

There are different ways to wear mom jeans with heels. And the trendiest of them all are kitten heels, stiletto pumps, strappy sandals, and clear heels. 

Black Mom Jeans Outfits  

How to style mom jeans 2022

In a pair of black mom jeans, you can seem edgy while looking stylish. This denim is the perfect mix of refinement and rebellion. It works with every ensemble and flatters a wide range of circumstances. Wear it with a leather jacket and boots, or pair it with a white button-down and mules, or a plain tee and sandals heel for a fun office look. This look has so many variations that you can try something different every day of the year. It’s an essential piece of clothing that should be in everyone’s closet.


Are mom jeans in style in 2022?

Yes, mom jeans are in style in 2022. They are making a big comeback this year. These jeans are easy to wear, comfortable, and feature a relaxed yet elegant look. They’re not only versatile enough to go with almost everything you own. But they’re also appropriate for a variety of circumstances, such as dating or doing errands. The most ideal option is the classic blue variant with no detailing or tears.

Why are mom jeans called mom jeans?

These aren’t the same as they used to be. They’re named after the looser high-waisted jean design that moms wore in the 1970s.

Among the most adaptable pieces of clothing, you can own is a pair of mom jeans. The legs are a bit baggier, giving a casual yet feminine appearance, thanks to the high waist and long zipper. Women of all ages have welcomed these comfortable trousers, and you don’t have to be a mom to enjoy them.

What shirt do you wear with mom’s jeans?

Mom jeans are adaptable and can be worn up or down, particularly in a classic blue. Button-downs, T-shirts, turtleneck sweaters, silk blouses, simple crop tops, and sweaters are some of the most suitable clothes to pair with them.

What can I wear with mom jeans?

The benefit of mom jeans is that they are adaptable and can be worn with a variety of outfits. With button-downs, a black or white T-shirt, a jacket, or a turtleneck, they’ll look great. The ankle-length also gives you a variety of footwear options, for everything from mules to ankle boots to try on. They’re also versatile enough to be worn in a range of situations, whether you’re planning a brunch date or a quick shopping trip.

What Body Shapes Do Mom Jeans Look Good On?

Mom jeans sit at the waist, making them more comfortable and flattering on a variety of body shapes. Those with hourglass figures will appreciate how well this style compliments their contours.

What’s the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans? 

The terms “mom jeans” and “boyfriend jeans” are not interchangeable. The cut makes a difference. Mom jeans feature a high waist and are loose-fitting throughout, particularly in the legs and back. Boyfriend jeans have a slouchy fit and are baggier around the crotch area.

These are how to style mom jeans in 2022. Don’t forget to join our email list. 

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