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How To Make Bohemian Box Braids
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We’ll discuss how to make bohemian box braids in this issue. To look gorgeous in bohemian box braids you have to do it in the proper way and with the right hairdresser. If you miss this opportunity, you will regret it. Because if it is not made by the right hairdresser, the stylish will likely ruin your hair. You should be careful when attempting to make your hair.

How to make bohemian box braids

How To Make Bohemian Box Braids

How to make bohemian box braids is as follows:

These are what you need to do before getting started

  • Attachment 
  • Edge control

It could be Expression or Kanekalon. A hair attachment followed by an edge control to make it look neater. 

Before you begin, do the following

Wash your hair before you start and apply a little moisturizer to make it smooth and shiny. Applying too much might disturb the stylist, so it is safer to use a small amount. Comb your hair and sit down for the hairdresser to begin creating your hair. 

Take the following steps:

  • Get your hair washed 

The first thing to do, as we said before, is to get your hair washed. Wash with a sulfate-free shampoo or conditioner. Washing it helps your hair become moisture free and neat so the hairdresser will be comfortable while working on your hair. 

  • Get your hair dried

 The next step is to let your hair dry after it has been washed. If you have virgin hair, use a towel to pat it dry, and then comb it out. Combing you makes it less painful when the hairdresser is doing it.

  • Apply moisturizer

After getting your hair dried the next step is to apply moisturizer to the hair. 

  • Section your hair into a box 

 Section your hair into box braids after applying the moisturizer.

  • Bring out your attachment 

 By this time, you have already cut it to fit the boho braids you want to do.

  • Add edge control 

You need to apply edge control to the box section area so it will look neat as I said. 

  • Start making your hair 

Start creating your bohemian box braids now. The braiding hair should be woven in at the bottom of the part you want to braid. When weaving, one of the three strands you will use is made up of your natural hair. And the other two are made up of braiding hair.

You can keep braiding your hair until it reaches the length you want. The Bohemian braid is an undone braid, thus you must stop braiding halfway through and leave the edges untied and curly.

Watch this tutorial to learn more 

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How to maintain bohemian box braids 

How To Make Bohemian Box Braids

Depending on how you care for them, bohemian box braids can last anywhere from three to six weeks. The braids can be worn with different types of hair because it can be changed into another style. To prevent breakage, I recommend you remove your braids at the end of six weeks. This is advised so you can take care of your hair undergrowth and prevent your hair, especially your priceless edges, from breaking. If hair is carried for a long time, the edges fall off. I trust you would not want all your hair to fall off. So to avoid that take preventive measures. 

There are different steps to maintain bohemian box braids

  1. Moisturize your hair 

Moisturizing your hair helps it to last longer and it prevents dandruff from growing in the hair. If you want dandruff-free or lice-free hair moisturize it. 

2. Cover your hair with a bonnet 

Covering your hair with a bonnet helps it last longer. If you have no bonnet you can use a scarf or hair net. They all do the same thing. 

3. Wash your hair regularly

Washing your hair regularly helps it to last longer. If the hair starts to itch within two weeks, wash it and dry it with a dryer so it doesn’t smell. 

How to wash bohemian box braids 

How To Make Bohemian Box Braids

Washing your bohemian box braids makes them last longer and keeps your scalp neat and healthy. 

The ways to wash your bohemian box braids are as follows

  • Comb your hair properly. 
  • Pour water into your hair. 
  •  After soaking water on it, apply shampoo.
  • You should thoroughly scratch your hair after applying shampoo. Make sure you have scrubbed it enough. 
  • Wash the shampoo off. 
  • After washing it off. Apply hair conditioner to your hair. Comb your hair, after combing it, rinse off the conditioner in your hair.  
  • After conditioning, dry it with a hair dryer or towel. 

We have discussed how to make bohemian box braids, maintain and wash them. 

These steps are critical if you want to slay on your bohemian box braids. 

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