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How To Style Twisting Braids
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How to style twisting braids is the question women usually ask after making twisting braids. You would be curious about how you can rock your new hair. I want to tell you that it is normal to feel that way.

If you get tired of one style. Changing the style of your new or old hair is necessary. It makes you look spectacular.

A twisted braid is a protective hairstyle that is made with two ropes of extensions or with crochet braids. No matter how you make your twist braids, I will show you how to style them like a pro. 

Keep scrolling to see the 5 easy ways to style twist braids.

How to style twisting braids 

How to style twisting braids are as follows:

1. Ponytail with Side Swoop Twisting Braids

How To Style Twisting Braids

In Y2K hairstyle I wrote that ponytails with side swoops are back in trend. To fit into the current vogue of nostalgia and beauty. Styling it to a ponytail with a side swoop is a terrific idea. 

Step 1: Start by splitting your hair into two. Pack your hair up and secure it with a rubber band. Most of the braid should be at the back, leaving 9 in front. 

Step 2: Take the remaining 9 in front from the middle of your front hair to the other side. Like in the above image.  

Step 3: Now you need to apply edge control to your edges and then you can put on your hoops if any. Next, note that this step is optional. 

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2. Half up in a bun, Half down Twisting Braids

How To Style Twisting Braids

Having a unique hairstyle comes from being creative with your hair. This style is simple and I would tell women who love simple but unique styles to twist their braids like this. 

Step 1: Begin by dividing your braids into two parts. Twist braids should be more prominent in the top section than the lower one. To make it easier to split the braids, most women slide their thumbs below the ear.

Step 2: Pull the top braids into a tight ponytail, divide it into two halves, twist each section, wrap it around the ponytail, and tuck it at the tail’s end. To keep the ponytail in place, use bobby pins.

3: Untie the down part and lay on your back with the twists.

3. Antenna bangs and twisting braids 

How To Style Twisting Braids

Since antenna bangs are essential when styling braids. Why not try it to fit into the current twist braids style? This style is also a nostalgic Y2K hairstyle that is back. And there are ways you can style it below. 

Step 1: Pull all your twist braids into a ponytail. Let the ponytail be in the center of your hair. 

Step 2: After pulling everything back, place two strands of twist braid out. They are your antenna bangs. Let it be in front of your head. Allow the braided twists to row from your face to your cheek. 

4. Side Part Twisting Braids 

How To Style Twisting Braids

A side parting is what most women tend to adopt. This style looks amazing on everyone, but the only disadvantage is it can disrupt your daily activities. If you don’t mind the disturbance you can style your hair this way. There are different ways you can achieve it. This style doesn’t need a rubber band. 

Step 1: Pull your hair to the front of your head. Make your braid touch your forehead. The braid on the forehead will be on the left side.

Step 2: Allow the other part to touch your ear. 

Step 3: Use edge control on your edges. 

5. Bun Twisting Braids 

How To Style Twisting Braids

Bun twisting braids are an elegant way to style your twist braids. Style this look if you don’t want anything that would fall on your back or your face. 

Step 1: Lean forward so you can assemble the twist braids into a top ponytail. You can then fasten it with an elastic band or other hair ties of your choice. 

Step 2: The ponytail should now be divided into three portions, two on either side or one in the rear.

Step 3: Is to take a part from one of the sides, twist it, and then roll it around from the rear to the front. Even though you should roll it on the opposite side, repeat the process for the other side’s part. Wrap the ponytail around the base of the wrapped portions, tuck it in, and secure it with bobby pins or your chosen pins.

These are how to style twisting braids. And a step-by-step guide to achieving it. 

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