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Twisting Braids with Attachment
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Twisting braids with attachments are braids done in two sections with extension. Unlike the typical three section braids this hair is done with two strands of attachment. And it is braided into a spiral rope braid which is also known as twist rope.

Twisting braids is a protective hairstyle most Africans make. It is an Afro braid that is popular and it originated in Senegal. Don’t get confused when you see Senegalese twist braids they are the same as the normal twist you know.

One good thing I love about twist is how it is great for people who want to maintain natural hair. The hairstyle contains everyone. People who believe don’t allow them to use extensions and the ones that love making their natural hair.

Twisting Braids with Attachment

And it also allows extending your natural hair by doing dreadlocks.

Twist braids are done in different ways using your natural hair like we have said, using crochet braids like passion twist and Havana. You can also make it with a synthetic attachment like Kanekalon, wool, or Expression.

The possibilities are much that there is no way you wouldn’t want to try it now. 

It can be done in many styles, such as a micro twist braid, short twist braid, Marley twist, Mohawk, etc.

Twist braid is a hairstyle that is cyclical it was in trend in 2018. Now it is back in vogue and we would show you how chics are making this braid styles take a moment in beauty.

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Twisting braids with attachment are as follows:

1. Knotless Twisting braids with attachment

Knotless twisting braids are a new generation technology twist braid style. It is made to be tiny and different from the micro braid. This style is made to be tiny in a knotless way. If you still want the new technology way of making hair and still look gorgeous try this braid style now.

2. Thin/Micro Twisting Braids

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Micro twisting braids are typical twist braids you know. This style takes time to make. One hairdresser can’t be able to achieve this look in a day it is better done by 3 hairdressers. And it requires you to sit at a hair salon for 2 days. This style is not for the weak.

Although after making it you will enjoy the end product. But the process won’t be easy both for the hairdresser and you. The good thing about it is the hair is worth the stress and you can be with it as much as you can. When you start flaunting it no one will know the pain you passed through. It is stylish hair if you have patience and love quality.

3. Medium Twist Braids

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Medium twisting braids are in between micro twist braids and box braids. This type of twisting braid is not too small and big. It is a good idea if you don’t like a not-too-tiny braid or big braids.

4. Twist Box Braids

Twisting Braids with Attachment
Twisting Braids with Attachment

Twist box braids are usually for people who love big braids. If you are a big braid lover try this hairstyle now. 

5. Fulani Twist Braids

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Fulani twist braids are a combination of Marley and flat twist braids. This hairstyle can be styled in a bun, ponytail, or half up, half down.

6. Thick/Bold Twisting Braids

Twisting Braids with Attachment

The thick twisting braids style is for impatience. If you don’t have time to sit at a salon for long go for it. It gives a fuller look than and also in the category of box braids.

7. Latest Twisting hairstyle

Twisting Braids with Attachment
Twisting Braids with Attachment

The latest twisting hairstyle includes various twisting hairstyles that are in vogue now. To be in line with twisting try these hairstyles.

8. Short twisting hairstyle with attachment

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Short twisting hairstyles are a nice try if you don’t want to go for a long twist or you love short hair.

9. Bob Twisting braids

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Bob twisting are short braids that are in a bob hair form. This style is better if you don’t want to go for the regular short braid style.

10. Twist Braids with Cornrows

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Twisting braids with cornrows are twisting done as cornrows. But in this case, cornrows are done with twisting rather than the regular braids.

11. Twist Braids with curly ends

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Twist braids with curly ends are great to fit into the curly ends with braid styles. Braids with curly ends are what most women are rocking now. So try this look to achieve a gorgeous twisting look.

12. Senegalese Twisting Braids

Twisting Braids with Attachment

This is a Senegalese twisting braid dedicated to the people of Senegal. It is a gorgeous braids style that’s why black women adopted it.

13. Mohawk Twist

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Mohawk twisting braids are a braid style where the sides are styled to be flat while the center of the head is higher than the other sides. Like in the photo above.

14. Natural Twist Braids

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Natural twist braids are done with your natural hair without extensions.

15. Marley twist

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Marley’s twist was gotten from Bob Marley. If you know the iconic star you would know that he had signature hair which is like dreadlocs. Marley’s twist resembles bob Marley’s hair.

16. Passion Twist

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Passion twist is a protective style that is done with passion extension. It is created by twisting the hair and extension.

17. Havana Twist

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Havana Twist is another crotchet pack like passion twist. Passion is shinier than it. And Havana twist comes in different colors.

18. Shuku Twist

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Shuku twisting braids is a Yoruba tribal braid you can make with a twist. Shuku is made for all the hair to be up like a ponytail.

19. Bun Twist

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Bun twisting braids can be thick or thin but they should be styled up in a bun.

20. Crochet Twist

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Crochet Twisting could be Havana, spring, passion, or any crochet twisting braids style.

21. Spring Twist

Twisting Braids with Attachment

Spring twisting braids are a crotchet braid style that you can sport. This looks like a passion twist but it’s not exactly like it.

We have written about twisting braids with attachments you should try now.

Which twisting braids with attachment is your favorite look?

Tell me in the comment section.

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