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How to wear a blazer with a dress
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How to wear a blazer with a dress is the style guide on how blazers work with various gowns.

In the past, blazers used to be men’s wear rather than women’s wear. Currently, this type of clothing is for everyone.

With a blazer, there is never a dull outfit because it makes a boring dress come alive.

And blazers are timeless pieces that are mainly for formal wear but they can also be worn casually.

Although, for women, blazers are used to keep the body warm during the autumn/winter season, or to create a corporate look.

Whatever reason you choose to wear your jacket, remember that it can be worn not only with pants, skirts, or shorts but also with gowns.

Keep reading to find out how to wear a blazer with a dress.

How To Wear A Blazer With A Dress

Different styles of blazers

You must first set the groundwork before moving on to styling suggestions. Knowing the three main blazer styles on the market is the first step towards doing that.

– Blazer with a single button (single-breasted)

How to wear a blazer with a dress

A blazer with one button to close it. It is the most traditional type, typically worn at work. But the single button is always oversized. And they are better with fitted dresses.

– A two-button jacket (double-breasted).

How to wear a blazer with a dress

A blazer with two connecting buttons on one side and additional buttons on the other. Generally, it is regarded as being more formal. This blazer is also known as a tuxedo. And the longer version of this blazer is worn as a dress.

– Vest blazer (A gilet)

How to wear a blazer with a dress

In modern parlance, a gilet is a constructed, straight-sided, sleeveless garment that is worn for added warmth on chilly days (also called a body warmer, waistcoat, or vest in the US).

Now, you have known they different styles of blazers let’s continue with how to wear a blazer with a dress.

1. Black dress with blazer outfit

How to wear a blazer with a dress

Black blazers are timeless and versatile pieces. A black blazer is a wardrobe staple for women because you will always need one and at that time it will be a lifesaver. But, if you don’t own one yet start thinking about buying one.

You can pair a black blazer with any color of the dress, including blue, black, red, pink, purple, and patterns. Any color of the dress can be worn underneath a blazer with a handbag, pumps, and simple jewelry.

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2. Long (maxi) dress with blazer outfit

How to wear a blazer with a dress

For fall/winter, a jacket and maxi gown is a terrific alternative that looks put-together and stylish. Maintain the blazer length shorter; if you wear a long blazer over a long gown, the fabric will be too much for you to handle.

A sleeveless maxi dress and a blazer work well. Which is a simple floor-length gown with a floral blazer. You can wear this outfit with anything and vice versa. Add a belt to your waist if you are uncomfortable with the size of the blazer. So it can cling to your waist and give it a defined look.

3. Midi dress with a blazer

How to wear a blazer with a dress

One of the most stylish ways to style a blazer is to pair it with a dress and a blazer that complement each other. You can also dress up with a blazer that complements your accessories. Similar colors should blend or contrast with colors that are on the same color wheel.

This appearance is ideal. The blazer and smart bag pair perfectly with the satin dress and other features. This attire is ideal for a date.

4. Bodycon dress with a blazer

How to wear a blazer with a dress

Try putting on a bodycon dress underneath an oversized blazer to give your look some balance. Try different combinations. bodycon, sweater dresses, slip dresses, mini dresses, and so forth. And experiment with blazers in various lengths and styles. Blazers with long sleeves, big ones, double-breasted, sleeveless, etc.

Neutral long-sleeve bodycon dress and blazer with a nude handbag and shoes. Is it a go-to in chilly weather for a girl’s night out?

5. Casual dress with a blazer

How to wear a blazer with a dress

Although blazers are not casual clothing, the way to rock this garment casually is with flat shoes. It could be ballet, sneakers, or slippers.

Rock your plain blue dress with a black blazer and handbag. Add white sneakers to your outfit for a street wear look.

6. Blazer with dress formal

How to wear a blazer with a dress

The perfect way to dress for work, interviews, or corporate affairs is to pair identical colors or colors that complement one another. And the most appropriate dress to wear to work is one that is over the knee.

A fitted blazer paired with a fitted gown is an excellent choice for any formal occasion, not only work. To make your outfit elegant add heels to it.

7. Long sleeve dress with a blazer

How to wear a blazer with a dress

A fantastic casual alternative for the weekend or hanging out with friends is this combination. To achieve a trendy look, layer your favorite dress with your sleeveless blazer. Choose a hooded blazer for added comfort.

8. Blazer over dress wedding guest

How to wear a blazer with a dress

Make sure the jacket is the same color as your dress because wearing a slightly different hue can look sloppy. A safe choice is a black dress and blazer because you don’t have to worry about matching shades.

For attending a wedding, an elegant ensemble would be a tailored blue dress, blazer, and heels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a blazer with a dress?

Of course, you can wear a blazer with a dress. As a fashion staple, it is a chic garment that is versatile and is always needed by everyone.

What color(s) of blazer goes with a short black dress?

Many different colors of blazers work with a short black dress. Blue, pink, ash, green, white, nude, red, and yellow. As long as it is a black or neutral dress any color of blazer can go with it.

In conclusion one of the most flattering ways to wear a blazer with a dress is to keep everything simple and not go overboard with your look. These are how to wear a blazer with a dress.

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