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How to style a tennis skirt 
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How to style a tennis skirt 

How to style a tennis skirt is a step-by-step guide on how you should wear your tennis skirt to be, retro, and modern. 

A tennis skirt is a midi skirt with a flare or shorts. It can be pleated or not. It is also a preppy, throwback athleisure garment. And, fashion-forward dresses women love. 

One positive thing about this skirt is that it suits every body shape. But, you have to consider your style before settling for it. Because even though it suits everyone, you shouldn’t wear it if it is not your style.  

When opting for this 90s aesthetic, think of polo shirts, graphic tees, tank tops, and handbags. For footwear, think of loafers, boots, and big white dad sneakers. And all of the amazing tops, leggings, and shoes you can wear with them. 

More so, there are various tennis skirts which include, black, white, plus-size, and tennis skirt with short

In this article, I will discuss how to style a tennis skirt so if you want to pair it with classic, preppy, or street style there is always a way to rock this skirt. 

How To Style A Tennis Skirt 

How to style a tennis skirt 

1. With a graphic tee

How to style a tennis skirt 

One of the favorites of young women is a graphic tee. I like how you can wear it with jeans or even with a tennis skirt. Wear a tee with a crazy, but cool message instead of a boring black tee. The way you draw attention to your skirt should be the same as your Tee. I have given you some graphic tee writing inspiration in case you want to customize it. Take cues from the image above.

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2. With a crop top

How to style a tennis skirt 

Skimpy clothes are allowed with a tennis skirt because that is what it is all about. It is impossible to dress wrong with a cropped tennis skirt. These two work together and make the perfect pair for sunny days. Add sunglasses to your outfit to make it look even better.

3. With a tank top 

How to style a tennis skirt 

For a while now, tank tops have become a major combination with pants and skirts. Tennis skirts are not exempt either. The fact that this skirt goes with a crop top which is a mother of all crop tops means that it can also go well with a tank top. This look is also suitable for summer. 

4. With a vest 

How to style a tennis skirt 

Styling this skirt with a vest is preppy plus preppy. The combination is terrific right? Vests are used for a lot of things, including sports, to keep the body cozy. Put on a striped shirt underneath a vest with a tennis skirt and retro shoes. 

5. With a light knit top 

How to style a tennis skirt 

It is a Y2K piece that is hot right now, especially during the hot season. You can pair these two pieces if you want to try a tennis skirt with a 90s vibe.

6. With the classic tennis girls 

How to style a tennis skirt 

One of the most popular ways to style this skirt is with a cardigan whether on or off the court. In addition to keeping your body warm, cardigans are a winter-appropriate piece of apparel. If you are looking for what to wear on the tennis court take inspiration from the image above. 

7. As a street style

How to style a tennis skirt 

I believe this skirt is a preppy, classic, and sporty look, which you can wear on the street. There is something distinctive about the retro skirt. It is not just a style that anyone has imagined in their head and has never worn in reality. That is to show you it is a thing and one of the must-haves for any fashionable person. 

8. Tennis skirt for plus-size women

How to style a tennis skirt 

If you have a plus-sized body and are looking for ways to wear a tennis skirt. The method of putting it on does not differ based on your body type. Rather it is based on your personal style.

9. Tennis skirt with shorts 

Even though ladies prefer the pleated tennis skirt because it suits almost everyone, a tennis skirt with shorts is a stylish garment. Because you can wear shorts and a skirt together. That way you won’t have to worry about wearing an undergarment. It is creative wear. If you want your legs to be cozy add black leggings to your outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are tennis skirts in style in 2022?

Yes, tennis skirts are in style in 2022. Despite its gradual evolution, many IT girls are coming up with novel ways to approach it.

Where can I find the best brands of tennis skirts?

Brands to shop for tennis skirts are Nike, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Bershka, Zaful, etc. 

Now you know that no matter what body type or shape you have. There is a tennis skirt for everyone. This skirt has been seen on and off the streets. Both on and off the court. In schools and off school. That shows that it is a versatile piece that an IT girl should have and put on every once in a while. Because it has no limitations except that you can’t wear it for formal activities. 

This is how to style a tennis skirt.

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