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Are you looking for copper braiding hairstyles to make? Then you are at the right place.

If you want to add a touch of red, copper is a go-to. I made copper braids during the festive season, and I can tell you firsthand that the color is not yet trendy. Although I added another color to it because the pack I bought was not enough.

Moreso, as a result of its warm, reddish tones and ability to add depth and dimension, this extension is becoming a popular color for braided hairstyles.

From my experience and research, I have compiled a few ideas for copper braided hairstyles.

6 Fascinating copper braiding hairstyles

Let’s dive into 6 fascinating copper braiding hairstyles.

Copper braiding hair number

copper braiding hairstyles
Linda Onuoha

When I got to the market to buy this extension I was scared because I didn’t know the number. On arrival at the market, I learned that the extension number does not appear on Superstar or Xpression. If you want to buy this color attachment. Go to a beauty store or salon and ask for a “copper attachment” and it will be sold to you. You can also achieve this a similar color by using 30, and 350 Xpression of extension together.

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Copper and blonde braids

Copper Braiding Hairstyles

A way to play with copper hair is to combine it with other colors of extensions like blonde. You can mix the braids alone or you can mix the extensions.

When my extension finished, and I didn’t see copper in the market I opted for color 350 of Superstar. This is almost the same color, and I didn’t plan to mix colors. However, with blonde hair, the color of the extension will pop more.

Copper braids with beads

Copper Braiding Hairstyles

A way to spice up your braids is by adding ornaments to them. With copper braids, you can use green, or white beads alone. Or mix many different colors of beads at the same time. For example, black, white, or brown.

Copper and blonde knotless braids

Copper Braiding Hairstyles

If you are looking for copper with blonde knotless braids mix it with blonde or split the colors. It depends on your preference. My copper knotless braids were done in a Fulani hairstyle. You can copy me or make single plaits.

Copper knotless braids

Copper Braiding Hairstyles

The knotless braid is popular among women due to the fact that it is protective and less painful than traditional braids. When you go to your next appointment, use the picture above to give your stylist an idea of the braid style you want. Choose either box knotless braids or tiny braids. It could be long or short braids.

Ombre copper braiding hair

Copper Braiding Hairstyles

We are in the mixing era of braids and it’s normal for you to want to seek ombre copper braids to achieve statement looks. Copper braids can be mixed with brown, orange, red, black, burgundy, and golden.

Ask your hairstylist for the right color that blends with the copper extension before trying it out. They might have the most accurate answer to your question if they have tried it before. Just know that copper can go with similar colors or abstract colors. To be sure check colors that go with red, or brown. That way you will know the colors that coordinate with it.

In conclusion, copper braids are unique and amazing to make. For my festive hair I used two packs of copper and 1/2 pack of colour 350. And I have been rocking my hair since 29th of December till now.

Which type of copper braid hair are you opting for? Tell me in the comment section.

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