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How to wear oversized clothes
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Wearing oversized clothes is a way to mix masculine and feminine outfits to fit your style.

Oversized clothes are the most comfortable things to wear. Despite being the least flattering.

You can incorporate loose dresses into your wardrobe to create a classic look.

If you are wondering how to put together the shapeless clothes you already own for an everyday look. Continue reading to see how to wear oversized clothes.

10 Tips On How To Wear Oversized Clothes

1. Wear an oversized shirt

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

The most fashionable way to wear a button-up or button-down shirt is to leave the third button open. After unbuttoning, put on a necklace and a stylish bra. Black bras are preferred. If you button everything, it will look more office-like. And I presume that is not the essence of the dress.

Make sure you feel comfortable unbuttoning your dress if you are not used to it. Keep it buttoned.

Hold down the arms of your shirt to make it look more stylish.

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2. Wear a belt

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

Try not to drown in oversized clothing. Use a belt to cinch the waist. But it depends on your body shape. If you don’t want to draw attention to your midsection, bring your belt between your boobs and tummy. This method also makes you look taller.

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3. Wear a high-waisted skirt

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

Shirts make your outfit look balanced. What you can pair your high-waisted skirt with is a sweater or a loose crop top. It can be a short or long skirt. If you want to sport a cropped sweater, tuck your sweater inside your bra.

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4. Wear an oversized blazer

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

An oversized blazer adds structure to the body. And they are in style now. You can incorporate your blazer into any outfit you want. It is a versatile piece that can be dressed up. And it can be worn with pants, a skirt, or a dress. You can also attach a belt to your blazer like seen in number 2. This gives you a slender look even when you are wearing a bulky dress.

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5. Wear oversized pants

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

Wear oversized pants with a body-hugging blouse to add contrast to your outfit. Wearing a chunky top might not look appropriate unless you are tucking it in with the pants. You don’t want to look like a clown or weird when dressing in bulky clothes. When choosing, keep it as simple as possible. Choose high-waisted pants with flared bottoms, straight-leg jeans, boyfriend jeans, or mom jeans.

6. Choose neutrals

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

Your oversized outfits look stylish and elegant when they are plain in color. You can wear classic hues like white, black, brown, and gray year-round because they never go out of style. The neutral colors of baggy clothing make them timeless and versatile, because they go with any outfit. Pick neutral colors that are more sophisticated and elegant if you want to create fabulous outfits by mixing and matching your clothes. Making the right color choices for your attire can transform your appearance right away. You can easily dress better, look gorgeous and feel your most confident if you put together the ideal color palette.

Don’t wear loud colors together if you want to achieve this look. Instead, opt for men’s colors like beige. The loud color makes it look out of context. This trick is especially useful for petite body types. If you are a petite body type avoid colorful chunky overlays. Stick to 70s-inspired colors.

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7. Wear heels

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

Heels with oversized outfits make you look classy and put together. This is because oversized clothing can make you appear larger. Heels will give you poise and elongate your legs. Heels give your look a feminine touch. And it is preferable when you are putting on chunky clothes up and down.

8. Up your accessory game

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

Dress up with pieces of jewelry, handbags, and headbands. Although this may seem insignificant, it is the seemingly insignificant things that matter. As I mentioned earlier, wearing a necklace with a shirt makes it look stunning. Its importance cannot be overemphasized. Wearing jewelry with oversized clothes is ideal if you love casual outfits. It is an excellent way to spice up your look. Pieces of jewelry make you look feminine in menswear.

Your handbag doesn’t have to be a designer. Wear something that pulls the look together. Whether it is a crossbody, shoulder bag, or baguette.

Also, wear a feminine hairstyle like ponytails with hair bands so that you appear feminine in menswear.

9. Show a little skin

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

Showing off your skin creates balance. If you do not want to be shapeless in it. One of the coolest ways to show some skin is when you throw on shorts. It could be jeans, biker tights, or even a skirt.

10. Stay within your size

How To Wear Oversized Clothes

Despite my encouragement of oversized garments, it is imperative to stay within your size, otherwise, it will look like you borrowed it. You can go 2-3 inches out of your size. Anything less is not advisable. For example, I wear size 27 in trousers but if I want to opt for jeans I go for size 29. That way I stay within my size.


In conclusion, wearing oversized clothing doesn’t mean you should put on outfits that don’t properly fit you. Outfits that don’t fit properly are one of the least flattering things you can do to yourself. Because you run the risk of sacrificing elegance and style if you wear them at all.

Wearing clothing that hides your shape or makes your body appear larger than it is not a sane idea.

Additionally, stay away from clothing that is too snug around your midsection. Wear clothing that fits you perfectly and makes you look amazing. Don’t forget to try on clothes before you buy them to make sure they fit properly. To look stylish in oversized outfits and dress better, follow the guidelines I highlighted in this article.

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