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Iconic Y2K fashion moment
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Iconic Y2K fashion moments remind us how much we all love our throwback photos, even though they make us cringe. 

The late 90’s fashion trend and early 2000s fashion look are back and better. If you are not embracing it you are missing out on the Y2K trend. 

This trend was brought back by Gen-Z on Tiktok. Generation Z dominates the app and aesthetics. 

Fashion always swings back and forth. It rotates when a brand-new trend emerges, and we embrace it. Y2K fashion has dominated the hair, skincare, makeup, and dress world. In hair is the pigtail, and bandana, while in makeup is the glossy lips, and blue eye shadow, and in skin care is the shimmering body oil.  

Even though some fashion girls are glad Y2K fashion is back in trend because they were kids when it happened and they didn’t get to experience it. So now it’s an opportunity for them to do so. 

If you want to see iconic Y2K fashion moments, then take cues from Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and other 90’s IT girls.

Browse our collection to see how Y2K fashion has made a comeback and evolved to fit into modern clothing. 

Iconic Y2K Fashion Moments

The top 15 Y2K fashion moments are as follows: 

  • Denim on Denim
Iconic Y2K fashion moments

Denim on denim is back and it was seen as an odd dress before celebrities started wearing it. Celebrities have been spotted wearing it. It can be all denim even with fashion accessories.  

  • Bustier/Corset Tops 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

Bustier/corset tops go hand in hand and they are back. This Y2K style is what most women embrace in this century. It can be combined with skirts and trousers. 

Although there has been a lot of pushback against wearing intimate apparel outside the home recently, BBS was all on that trend in the 2000s. Omit Y2K fashion, a sexy cleavage was key.

  • Baby Tees
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

Baby tees are tiny tops that have graphics on them. It is a Y2K look that is back and worn in a modern way. The old way was with lowrise jeans or pants but the way to put it on now is with high-rise jeans; mom jeans, straight-leg jeans, boyfriend jeans, etc. 

  • Ruffled Outfits 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

Ruffled outfits are bohemian dresses that are back on trend. And bohemian screams old. Despite the fact that ruffle clothes fit all shapes, they are better for women with large boobs. 

  • Baguette Bags 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

When tucked under your arm, the baguette bag is the ideal companion for any daily task.

For a more retro look, opt for an antique baguette in pastel colors.

If you want a more cutting-edge Y2K to feel, consider shoulder bags with sparkling materials and metallic accents.

  • Velour Tracksuits 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

Velour tracksuits are athleisure wears that have made a comeback.  

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian stand out as two of the most emblematic figures of the 2000s fashion era with their Juicy Couture tracksuits and giant Louis Vuitton bags.

The pair were asked to recreate the look for a recent SKIMS hugging commercial because it was such an iconic look.

Juicy Couture is now making a comeback as a fashion and pop culture icon as well, thanks to the resurgence of 2000s fashion trends.

  • Shiny Outfits 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

The concept of futuristic style was a significant craze in the early 2000s when the internet was seeing rapid growth.

Nowadays, the easiest way to add a hint of Y2K fashion nostalgia to your ensemble is with shiny fabrics in silver (or pearlescent hues).

Flared jeans and a metallic puffer jacket look great together. Opt for colored cardigans and blouses in hues of orange, pink, and light blue.

  • Mini Skirts 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

Miniskirts, which were fashionable in the early 1990s, made a comeback on the catwalks in the 2000s as the ideal form-fitting alternative to cropped shirts.

Y2k miniskirts, in the proper texture and brilliant hues, will give your ensemble a touch of nostalgia.

If you choose to wear your Year 2000 short skirt in the winter, pair it with a black turtleneck and knee-high boots for a casual yet chic look.

The Bratz Doll look is a different way to wear miniskirts, particularly vibrant pleated skirts.

The tassels and micro skirts that resemble uniforms look excellent when worn with crop shirts, baby tees, and oversized sweaters.

For an even more relaxed look, complete the ensemble with chunky sneakers or boots.

  • Tie front tops 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

The tie-front shirt in pastel colors and ribbed textiles was one of the main Y2K fads that dominated 2000s fashion.

To create modern iconic Y2K fashion moments in 2022, pair your ties with attractive bralettes, T-shirts, or even nothing below.

In 2022, high-waisted jeans, printed wide-leg pants, or vibrant miniskirts are the ideal outfits to wear tie-front tops with.

  • Wedge, Mules, and Platforms 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

Wedge, mules, and platforms are back and brands like Versace have made them more popular in this modern age. 

  • Tank Tops 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

If you have not noticed tank tops are back. Unlike in the 2000s, you can put it on in a modified manner. 

  • Bandage Dresses 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

Bandage dresses are a sexy silhouette that is back on trend. These are Y2K features that make women stand out. 

  • Ribbed Cardigan 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

Bedazzled logo T-shirts dominated the laid-back Y2K lookbooks.

But the ribbed cardigan was the epitome of the ideal off-duty Y2K look.

The clinging ribbed sweater, worn with both top and bottom buttons were undone, was styled over silk slip dresses and paired with baggy denim.

Follow Kim’s lead and match your cropped cardigan with a coordinating tank top. Wear blue denim jeans and stiletto heels to complete the ensemble.

  • True Religion Boot Cut Jeans 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

“They say they love mah ass in Seven Jeans, True Religion…”. Sang The Black Eyed Peas.

One of the greatest clothing companies during that time was True Religion, which is cited as an example of the 2000s style.

Along with Juicy Couture’s velour tracksuits, the traditional True Religion bootcut jeans attained such widespread acclaim in the 2000s that both pieces of clothing were seen as status symbols.

True Religion’s horseshoe stitching, worn by Kanye West, Jessica Simpson, and Destiny’s Child, served as badges for the “coolest people club” wherever you were.

  • Wide Leg Jeans 
Iconic Y2K fashion moment

Trends such as mom jeans and 2000s hip-hop baggy jeans are resurfacing. It is fueled by nostalgia the way every generation is fueled by the past generation. Bella Hadid showed how it is worn in this modern age.

A new universe of fashion and dressing styles was created thanks to the impact of TV shows like “Gossip Girl” and “The Simple Life,” which showed off the lifestyle of the upper class.

We have written about iconic Y2K fashion moments and taken cues from different celebrities and fashionistas. 

Tell us your favourite iconic Y2K fashion moments in the comment section. 

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