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Y2K Inspired Beauty
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Y2K inspired beauty is back and better than ever. It is a beauty millennium experience. While Gen Z was young when it happened that’s why they’re obsessed with it. 

Y2K-inspired beauty is back and better than ever. It is a beauty millennium experience. While Gen Z was young when it happened that’s why they’re obsessed with it. 

The Y2K trend went viral on Tiktok with over 1.6 billion views with each Gen Z recreating it. 

In the 2000s beauty was all about frosted brows, space buns, dark lip liner, crimped hair, butterfly clips, etc. 

Celebs like Megan Thee Stallion, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodiguo, and others are making Y2K inspired beauty a comeback. While they’re taking cues from Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, JLO, Jennifer Anniston, and late 90s to early 2000s IT girls. 

Each generation has its own inspired beauty either they bring out a new trend or take cues from the past generation. That’s exactly why we are here to show you how beauties have taken the late 90s look to the early 2000s to make statements.  

Stay with us so you can see how to transform Y2K inspired beauty into the 2022 beauty standard. 

Y2K Inspired Beauty 

Y2K inspired beauty is as follows: 

  1. Smokey Eyes 
Y2K Inspired Beauty

When it comes to smokey eye shadows in the 90s, Crayola colors were used. However, the Y2K version is a unique take on it, with baby blues, pastel pinks, and minty greens. 

Apply your eye shadow up and down. Up on your upper eyelid while down on your lower eyelid. As the down is tiny, make them more visible in a frosted effect. That way you achieve a Y2K look. 

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2. Lip Liner 

Y2K Inspired Beauty

In the past years, there has been a shift toward makeup. The late 90s to early 2000s preferred minimalistic makeup routines while the generation now loves maximalist makeup. And the approach applies to lip liner. To fit into today’s Y2K trend make your lip liner thicker and more visible. 

3. Glitters 

Y2K Inspired Beauty

Glitter was a thing in the 90s from glitter hair mascaras to body gel. The modern way of placing it is being more careful with the glitters because if not done well it will be scattered. 

You should apply glue to your eyelid, and then place the glitters on your eyelid. 

4. Shiny Glossy Lips 

Y2K Inspired Beauty

There is no doubt that the 90s have dominated the fashion and beauty world this year, and shiny glossy lips are one of the trends of the late 90s to early 2000s that have come to stay. One thing we love about the comeback is that it helps women with dry lips, unlike the typical lipstick. And it makes the lips look more appealing, kissable, and charming. 

Choose a lipstick with a shiny finish in two formulas, such as a pink one and a transparent one. Apply the pink one before you apply the transparent one. Make sure your lip is glossy enough or you are satisfied with how it looks. You can also try this method with any shade of lipstick. 

5. Tiny Brows 

Y2K Inspired Beauty

One of the scariest Y2K comebacks is the tiny brows. It’s unbelievable that thin brows would be back on trend. Most people make it tiny so they can draw the kind of brow they want. If you are scared of shaving off your brows use concealer to cover a part of your brow hairs. 

6. Nude Lipsticks 

Y2K Inspired Beauty

Nude lipstick was also a thing in the 90s. Since makeup in those days was minimal. Any shade of nude was included. Only the bold could apply red, blue, or any colorful shade of lipstick. Nude lipstick is back but it is applied with lip gloss now. Apply your nude lipstick to your lips. Make sure some part of the lipstick is not outside the lips, if it is wipe it with its face wipes. Then put your lip gloss exactly where you applied the nude lipstick. 

7. Ombre Lips 

Y2K Inspired Beauty

Ombre lips are done with two to three shades of lipstick and a black or brown lip liner. It is an early 2000s trend that is back and better. The colors to use are similar shades of hues. If you use pink, purple and other shades of pink will be included. While purple can work with different shades of nudes, it can also work. 

Y2K inspired beauty has returned and we have incorporated it into the modern world in the 7 ways we have listed. 

Which Y2K beauty comeback do you like? 

Tell us in the comment section. 

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