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How to style an oversized shirt. Oversized shirts are one of the recent trends for fashionable ladies. This shirt was originally men’s wear. But, has now been extensively incorporated into women’s fashion. Women want to explore new trends and ideas to help them look stylish and more fashion-forward when stepping out for special occasions.

Shirts come in diverse colours like white, orange, nude, black, blue, and many more. However, one of the most commonly worn colours is white, solely because of the simplicity and coolness of the colour.

How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022

As an enthusiastic fashion lady, being able to move out of your comfort wear is sometimes necessary to elevate your appearance and sense of fashion and styling more. Oversized shirts can either be formal or casual wear. It can be worn for dates and other glamorous events depending on how it matches.

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How To Style An Oversized Shirt in 2022 

What To Wear With An Oversized Shirt

Shirts can be worn on their own as a dress-up, but sometimes one needs to spice things up more by pairing them with proper skirts and trousers that will show off the body more. Oversized shirts can be tucked in or flown on any of these to Create a unique outcome when worn. Over the years, fashion has emphasised how comfort is critical.

Oversized shirts have their place now in the fashion world. Some of our celebrities have also proven to accept this trend delightfully. Hence, here are some ways to combine your oversized shirt more radiantly.


This is made of denim fabric and comes in many styles like open-legs, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, flare, low-rise etc. It comes in varieties of colours like black, Blue, grey etc. Jeans are ubiquitous amongst ladies; they come in various forms that can be worn, which are often with the use of accessories.How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022 How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022


There are many types of shorts made from high-end quality materials; some are denim, biker shorts, bum shorts etc. Either of these goes well with every oversized shirt style of choice. Shorts are more casual wear when paired with a shirt and a nice sneaker to fit.How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022 How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022

Leather Pants

Leather is likewise more in trend than ever. It is best for winter and spring weather. This is also called leather trousers or leggings; leather jeans are often categorised as pants. When trying to jazz up into the modern fit, using leather pants is more of a modernised style.How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022

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Leather skirts

Not all ladies like to put on trousers, either jeans or not. Skirts are not as standard as trousers but can also be used in stylish wear. It can be a mini or midi skirt with zippers or buttons to Beautify the style.How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022

Layering An Oversized Shirt

Oversized Shirt + Corset

Oversized shirts with corsets are the perfect hot girl style. Corsets are worn over the shirt to help reduce the bagginess and as a body-fitting layering piece. Corsets can be of many colours, but black is the most commonly used.How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022

Oversized shirt + jacket

There are various jackets, from buffers, denim, leather jackets etc. Regardless of the size of the shirt, a jacket adds beauty to the aesthetic and elevates it from simple to classy.How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022

Oversized shirt + belt

When going for a simple gown style for a shirt, using a simple tummy belt is perfect. Opt for this look when you intend to go simple and modest.How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022

How To Style An Oversized Shirt As A Formal Wear

Formal wears are outfits which are worn to the workplace. Usually, formal wear is expected to be very modest and not revealing to ensure working principles. However, spicing up that formal wear isn’t a bad idea, especially with an oversized shirt.


Blazers are worn as an outer piece worn over a white shirt. It represents a form of proper fit. Blazers with any form of pants like beige, black, navy blue etc. Goes well together. These blazers can complement the pants and especially as white is a neutral colour.How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants, also known as wide-leg pants, are fitted at the waistline and flared. Palazzo pants are one of the most commonly worn trousers for ladies nowadays. It can likewise be paired with a blazer with heels to match.How To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2022

How To Style An Oversized Shirt With Boots

knee high boots

Knee-high boots are boots which are made to be reaching to the knee. Hence the name, this style is commonly worn when an oversized shirt is worn as a gown. That is, the length reaching above the knee. This combo is unique for ladies.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots a low platform shoes. However, unisex can also be rocked with jeans, shorts, or a skirt. A Chelsea boot gives a more tomboy vibe, and a bad girl looks for ladies. This aesthetic is very classy.

How To Make An Oversized Shirt Not See Through

White is often known to be See-Through, but depending on the quality of the shirt, the See-Through are often minimal. However, as a fashionista, you should always ensure your outfits are not see-through. Hence here are some ways to prevent such. But on your skin tone underwear is like nude, depending on your body tone. Wear a white camisole under an Oversized white shirt. Put on a bodysuit under your oversized shirt. Wear a seamless bra under an oversized shirt


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