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How To Wear A Chunky Sweater
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How to wear a chunky sweater. It is possible to wear a chunky sweater in many different ways, like a fashionista. 

As we transition from fall to winter, I guess you are already wearing cardigans to keep your body cozy. In winter, a sweater is a must-have wardrobe staple. An oversized sweater adds some style to your clothing. 

However, in the winter, we layer everything from silky date-night minidresses to simple t-shirts and jeans to button-ups, skirts, and suit pants with these warm, oversized knits.

Oversized sweaters are versatile pieces because they go with anything. You can wear them over a skirt, jeans, and a dress. This is because they have space for you to layer them.

But from 2022 to 2023, how should an oversized cardigan be styled?

I am glad you asked. Continue reading 10 tips on how to wear a chunky sweater in winter so you don’t miss out on this season’s coziest trend. 

How To Wear A Chunky Sweater For Winter

Let’s get right to the 10 tips on how to wear a chunky sweater for winter.

1. Layer with a button-up shirt

How To Wear A Chunky Sweater

In the winter, you need to up your layering game. Make your dresses more interesting by being warm. Combine a white button-up shirt underneath, black leather pants, and a chunky black sweater to achieve this look.

Choosing monochrome for winter is a smart idea. And leather pants keep the body warm. To add flavor to your dress, opt for zebra slippers and a black handbag. 

In your case, you can go for boots to keep your legs warm and a coat. So, you can cover up as much as possible while looking chic. 

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2. Wear a chunky sweater with a sweater skirt

How To Wear A Chunky Sweater

Skirts are not the ideal dresses to wear during the winter, but you can still wear them this season. When opting for skirts, pair them with leggings or knee-high boots. 

Wear your oversized knit sweater with a knit skirt and a winter coat. Style your accessories with a handbag and knee-high boots. Nude and neutral blend together beautifully.

3. Play with colors 

How To Wear A Chunky Sweater

With a pair of colored dress pants, you can dress up a sweater. Wearing neutrals and beige colors is the norm, and no one can ever look wrong with them. However, with a pair of dress pants in chocolate brown, orange, mauve, emerald green, or off-white, we can spice it up this season.

This outfit, like many others on this list, is easy to dress up for a more formal look and dress down for a casual, stylish ensemble. 

Put on neutral or colorful pumps, kitten-heeled ankle booties, or even chunky boots and sneakers that match. It all depends on your mood and the event because that determines your choice. 

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4. Wear a chunky sweater with a T-shirt

How To Wear A Chunky Sweater

You can still rock your summer t-shirt in winter. In contrast to the summer, when you wear a t-shirt and shorts, In winter, you need to be more intentional about it. Pair it with an oversized sweater and beige pants

In this combination, you can make stylish outfits using clothes that you already own. Pair this outfit with sneakers or boots. Don’t forget to add an overcoat to it because of course it is winter. 

5. Wear a chunky sweater with a slip dress 

How To Wear A Chunky Sweater

A slip dress with a sweater is a fall outfit that can be worn in winter. 

Either you wear it as a dress with a chunky sweater or as a skirt. It depends on the style you want. A slip dress is one of my favorites because it can be worn all year round.

Pair your black slip dress with a black oversized sweater. As usual, pair it with a pair of handbags and a boot or sneakers

6. Wear a long oversized knit sweater 

How To Wear A Chunky Sweater

We are obsessed with chunky sweaters this season, including long ones. Thus, by embracing the biggest trend of the season with a long, robe-like cardigan. It is paired beautifully with turtleneck tops, leather jackets, and boots. 

7. Wear a chunky sweater with a leather skirt

How To Wear A Chunky Sweater

You can’t say winter without including a cardigan, or leather. They are a cold-weather package. 

Pairing a chunky sweater with a leather skirt and an overcoat is a way to achieve an effortless yet fashionable look. 

8. Spice up your pink chunky sweater with statement pants 

How To Wear A Chunky Sweater

This is another way to play with colors is by combining vibrant hues. Statement wear can give both comfort and pizzazz. What once might have been a rather plain outfit is now one that practically begs for a photo opportunity. 

To fully embrace this look, choose vibrant colors and intriguing design elements. If you are feeling brave, add a silver necklace. Put on a boot with a winter coat. 

9. Wear a chunky sweater with jeans 

An intriguing ensemble can be created by layering simple essentials properly. You’ll look relaxed and stylish in a turtle-neck chunky sweater paired with jeans and boots. You can wear many types of jeans, including boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, straight-leg jeans, skinny jeans, flared jeans, ripped jeans, and black jeans. 

A sleek tip on the toe of sneakers or boots makes the outfit feel more elegant. It works well for a casual Friday, a girl’s night out, or even a date night.

The most appealing thing is you can make it cropped by tucking it into your bra or with a belt. 

10. Wear a chunky sweater dress 

how to wear a chunky sweater

Putting on a chunky dress is an elegant way to style a sweater as a dress. Remember that it is appropriate to wear a midi dress with leggings in winter. Add a belt to your dress to give the illusion of a narrow waistline. 

A sweater dress can be combined with shirts or worn alone. This ensemble is ideal for brunch with friends and family or a dinner party when worn with a pair of Chelsea boots.

Finding out how to wear a chunky sweater is simpler than you think. With any type of sweater, you can get the stylish look you want. You can push up the sleeves and leave them to go over your hands. 

Also remember to complete any look with winter shoes (snow boots, or sneakers) and beanies. With these tips, you can wear a chunky sweater this winter like the fashion-forward woman you are.

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