How to Know Your Body Shape And Dress For It [See Celebrities With The 5 Body Shapes] 

How to Know Your Body Shape
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Learning about your body shape is the first step in looking great in whatever you wish to wear. You may have heard about body shapes, but may not have taken the time to consider what it is all about. To most people, fashion is all about following the trends—picking up a piece of clothing, wearing it, then running off. But there is more to fashion than that.

There are 5 main body shapes 

  1. Pear
  2. Apple
  3. Hourglass
  4. Rectangular, and
  5. Inverted triangle,

And, not all clothing is compatible for all.

This article will help you figure out your body shape and how to dress for it.

How to know your body shape

What is my Body Shape?

Your body shape is the result of the relationship between your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. It’s the proportion of the widths of your four main body areas.

Body shapes are formed (and affected) by genetics, bone structures, and exercise. Consequently, there are a lot of body shapes but keep in mind that all body shapes are beautiful nonetheless. 

Reasons why you should know your body shape

It is not difficult to find people cussing out their fashion designer on social media these days for not making a dress look like what they gave as a sample (meanwhile the samples, most of the time, are photos of influencers, models, or celebrities with completely different body shapes).

This puts fashion designers in a difficult position as they struggle to fit squares into triangular holes. 

Such issues would be eradicated if you learned how to know your body shape and (only) drew inspiration from people with similar body shapes. We will discuss this shortly, but first, you have to be familiar with the right clothes for your figure. 

How to Know the Right Clothes for Your Figure? 

Every figure has the right clothes for it. But before I go into detail, it’s critical that you learn how to take your own body measurements. This will help you determine your body shape and match clothing.

How to take your body measurements

how to know your body shape

Your body measurement is a compilation of the measurements of different body parts. So, we would take them one after the other:

  • How to measure your shoulders: Stand upright, and ask a friend to help you with the measurement while relaxing your shoulders. They should place the tape on one end of one shoulder, and measure to the end of the other. Take note that measurement starts at zero. 
  • How to measure your bust: The tape should wrap around your upper body (around the fullest part touching your nipple). You can have a friend help you with this while raising your arm. Ensure to keep the tape parallel to the floor.
  • How to measure your waist: Put your tape around the thinnest part of your midsection (just above your belly button and below your rib) while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
  • How to measure your hips: Wrap your tape around the widest part of your lower body (which is right after your waist). Take the tape up and down till you get the perfect measurement while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself while searching for your body shape.

  • Is your bust, waist, or hips the widest part of your entire body?
  • What part of your body do clothes fit you the most?
  • What part of your body reduces and increases weight, easily?
  • What style have you noticed doesn’t suit your figure?

5 body shapes and how to dress with it

how to know your body shape

The best way to find out what best suits your body shape is to find celebrities and influencers with the same figure as you. Look at what they wear, and get inspiration from them. 

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    Hourglass shape (Kim Kardashian’s Body Shape)

how to know your body shape

Your waist should be 6 inches lower than the difference between your shoulders, hips, and bust for an hourglass figure.

For example Waist – 26, burst – 30, Hips – 32, shoulder -15

  • This is when your bust and hips are almost the same widths, with a tiny waist.
    • Do’s: Use your waist as the focal point while dressing. Direct your attention to your waist which is the thinnest part of your body this will make your curves stand out. 
    • Don’t: Hourglass shouldn’t wear straight clothes you already have curves in the right places which should be shown off.

An example of a celebrity with this body shape is Kim Kardashian. 

    Inverted triangle shape (Naomi Campbell’s Body Shape)

Inverted triangle body shape

Women with an inverted triangle shape are identified by a wider shoulder, and bust line that descends and narrows through the hips.

For example Waist – 32, burst – 34, Hips – 30.5, shoulder -36

  • It’s a “V” shape people in this category have broad shoulders, which means their upper body is larger than their lower body.
    • Do’s: V neckline will work well which will create an illusion of narrow shoulders. A-line dresses, peplum tops, low-waist jean trousers, and trousers with back pockets are also great.
    • Don’t: Don’t wear clothes that create more volume on your shoulders, also avoid pencil skirts and skinny jeans with spaghetti tops.

An example of a celebrity with this body shape is Naomi Campbell. 

    A rectangular shape (Anne Hathaway’s Body Shape) 

Rectangular body shape

A rectangular shape is also known as a square shape. It means your shoulder, waist, and hips are almost in the same proportion. 

For example Waist – 28, Hips – 33, shoulder -32

  • Do’s: It is advisable to stock up miniskirt to show off your fine legs, showing off your fine legs is for distraction. You can “pinch” your waist to exaggerate curves i.e., wear dresses that go with a belt and gowns that have darts.
  • Don’t: If you are rectangular in shape you should avoid wearing men’s wear.  

An example of a celebrity with this body shape is Anne Hathaway.

    Pear shape ( Beyonce’s Body Shape )

Pear body shape

The pear shape is when your lower body is larger than your upper body. Your hips are larger than your bust. 

For example Waist – 28, burst – 30, Hips – 38

  • Do’s: If you are a pear shape your upper body should be given more attention. Wear bras that will add to your bust and a dress that will cling to your shoulders. Skinny jeans and loose tops help to create an illusion of an hourglass. 
  • Don’t: Avoid tight tops and loose bottoms.

An example of a celebrity with this body shape is Beyoncé.

    Apple shape ( Angelina Jole’s Body Shape ) 

Apple body shape

 This is when your bust and waist are larger than your hips and lower body. Apple-shaped women are normally identified by tinner hips and legs.  

  • Do’s: If you are an apple shape ensure to wear tight bras because the bust tends to be bigger than other parts of your body also wear flared bottoms like palazzo trousers/pants.
  • Don’t: You should avoid wearing tight crop tops with tight jeans.

An example of a celebrity with this body shape is Angelina Jolie. 

Take note that body shape is different from body type. Body types are Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph, whilst body shapes are what we just finished discussing.


In conclusion, know you are beautiful regardless of your figure, weight, height, or shape and that the world is yet to see how beautiful you are. All you have to do now is display it the right way.

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