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Easy Holiday Hairstyles
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Are you looking for easy holiday hairstyles to make this season? Then you are in the right place.

The festive season is when we have many functions to attend. The functions range from end-of-year parties to get-togethers and family gatherings. It is normal to become so distracted by these activities that you forget you need to do your hair.

That is why I am here to help you with ideas whether you love to maintain your natural hair, or want to add extensions to your hair. There are ways to look glammed up on them.

Keep reading to see easy holiday hairstyles you can recreate. Number 2 is my favorite.

10 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday hairstyles with extensions

1. Wigs

10 Easy Holiday Hairstyle

One of the most helpful pieces of hair to have this holiday is a wig. This is especially true if you don’t have the time to visit a salon or an establishment. Wigs also let your natural hair grow faster and prevent your hair from constant manipulation. By having a wig you can avoid hot combs and hair stretching that results in breakage when you use natural hair. With a wig, you can effortlessly rock your synthetic or human hair while styling it to your desired taste.

2. Ponytails

10 Easy Holiday Hairstyle

Ponytails are an easy holiday hairstyle that is versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a more festive look, try an asymmetrical ponytail or top knot, or a Y2K side swoop ponytail with a few loose curls. Ponytails can be high or low, depending on your preference. It could be a bun. Or made with Ghana weaving.

3. Sleek hair

10 Easy Holiday Hairstyle

This is a timeless hairstyle that is easy to make and carry. It is in trend now and would always look gorgeous on any woman. You can find them in wigs. As short bobs, fringes, or flipped-out ends. It can also be used to make ponytails. And it gives off an elevated look. Use hair sprays and creams to make your hair shiny. Because the beauty of this hair is that it looks radiant.

4. Box braids

10 Easy Holiday Hairstyle

Having this protective hairstyle is a great option for a festive holiday look. They are easy to make and remove. There are several types of box braids: Ghana weaving, Fulani braids, Bohemian box braids, and knotless box braids. Choose from them and see which one best suits you. Whether you’re looking for something classical and elegant or a more modern and edgy look, braids are an easy way to add a bit of style to your holiday look. Moisturize your braids to make them last longer.

5. Curls

easy hairstyles for holidays

Curls are always a stylish option for the holidays, whether you have natural curls or straight hair. You can do it in a variety of ways depending on the occasion. One of the most popular curl styles is fringe. However, curls can be styled as a ponytail. And they’re always a stylish way to add a bit of volume and texture to your look. To maintain your curls use a curling iron to add some loose waves, and finish with a light hold hair spray to keep your curls in place.

Holiday hairstyles for natural hair

6. Play with dye

10 Easy Holiday Hairstyle

One of the easiest options this holiday is dyeing hair, especially natural hair. Even though it is easy it can also be dangerous. Because some dyes are harmful to hair. Before you dye your hair talk to your colorist so they can recommend a dye for you. Dyeing your hair is fun because you can style it however you like. And it doesn’t prevent you from adding extensions if you want to. Make sure to follow the instructions for maintaining your colored hair dye.

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7. Twist braids

10 Easy Holiday Hairstyle

Talking about natural hairstyles without mentioning twist braids is like not knowing about protective braids. Twist braids are always in style, especially for natural hair. They are gorgeous braids to make. It can be done as Fulani braids, or ponytails (Shuku). Maintain your twists, and when they get old, do another.

8. Bantu knot

10 Easy Holiday Hairstyle

This is a popular weave among the Fulani and Edo. It is an ideal hairstyle for traditional ceremonies or occasions. This hairstyle locks in moisture and lowers the risk of over-manipulating it. To make a Bantu knot, you can either leave the knots in or take them out. You can also use an attachment instead of your natural hair. Always apply moisturizer to the divided sections of your hair to maintain it.

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9. Bun hawk

10 Easy Holiday Hairstyle

For a sophisticated mohawk updo, pin your afro into a mohawk bun. At your upcoming holiday party, this striking and distinctive style is sure to attract attention. Bun hawk is a cute holiday hairstyle especially if you add a touch of tribal braids to it. When the hair starts looking old, apply gel and brush it. Typically, bun hawks and ponytails last for two weeks. Once they get old remove them.

10. Flexi Rods Curls

10 Easy Holiday Hairstyle

Curls made from Flexi Rods are an obsessive vintage hairstyle. With Flexi rod curls, you don’t have to worry about heat or hair breakage. This hairstyle is voluminous and gives off an elegant and mature look. You can make the rods with rollers made from stretched or wet hair. To maintain your Flexi rod curls cover them with a bonnet and tie your edges with a scarf.


Thus, I guess you have found the hair to make this holiday memorable. Keep in mind that no matter what hairstyle you choose, make sure you have the right products and tools to help you create your perfect holiday look.

Stock up on hairspray, mousse, and texturizing spray to help you create the hottest style and keep it in place all night long. And don’t forget to take some pictures to document your fabulous holiday hairstyle!

Which of these easy holiday hairstyles is your favorite?

Tell me in the comment section.

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