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How to wear burgundy pants
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The perfect way to put together burgundy pants is to use this color to create a sophisticated look. 

Burgundy is a deep reddish-purple tone with a regal, fashionable appearance and rich, wine-like shades. The color burgundy is closely related to the 1980s, along with dusty pink and teal green, but it is currently enjoying a small revival. 

These back-on-trend colored pants are one of my all-time favorites. I don’t believe women must always wear neutral pants to look stylish. Even though styling those colors is simple, that doesn’t mean you should always put them on. 

Burgundy pants are becoming versatile pieces because they usually go well with neutrals. And it adds a touch of laid-back color to outfits. Trendsetters remember this color when they don’t want their look to be boring or too simple. 

This color is becoming a must-have for ladies because it works with all neutrals and also with colorful garments. 

Although wine color is traditionally associated with men, more women are embracing it now. This color is also becoming a fashion staple for stylish women. There are no dull moments with burgundy because you can play around with it. You can pair it with jeans, yellow, chambray, tees, button-down shirts, patterns, and prints.

Read on to find out how to wear burgundy pants!

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How to wear burgundy pants

1. Leopard top + burgundy pants 

How to wear burgundy pants

When it comes to wearing burgundy pants, animal prints are hardly in the minds of fashion people. Animal prints make it classy and give it an edgy look. It is often used as an accessory as well as a blouse.

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2. Jean Jacket + burgundy pants 

How to wear burgundy pants

Burgundy pants go well with denim tops too. Some of the most convenient clothing items to wear are denim jackets. They are adaptable and flattering on any figure because, as their name implies, they are made of denim material.

With this combination, you are not confined to pairing burgundy pants. The light blue denim wash ones in particular provide a striking contrast to the burgundy color. You can choose from more customized options.

Given that the pants are wide-legged, tucking in the shirt or folding the front into a knot offers you a more fashionable silhouette, or you can pair it with skinny jeans. 

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3. Sweater + burgundy pants 

How to wear burgundy pants

When it comes to shoes and accessories, you can experiment with prints as long as your sweater top and slacks are basic.

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4. Nude Blouse + burgundy pants 

How to wear burgundy pants

If you simply enjoy dressing down or prefer an outfit that has a preppy vibe, you should invest in a nude blouse. Giving yourself a smart, tidy silhouette means wearing your burgundy pants with a top tucked into them.

Apart from looking elegant at the workplace, blouses may also be worn in more relaxed settings with more casual clothing, like various styles of denim.

You’ll seem polished and stylish without trying. You might choose a statement top with a bow or ruffles if your burgundy pants are basic.

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5. Burgundy pants outfit ideas

How to wear burgundy pants

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How to wear burgundy pants
How to wear burgundy pants
How to wear burgundy pants

We are in an era of retro style, and this color is a Y2K pant that is back and better. Burgundy pants are popular this fall, and it’s one of the colors fashionistas use to combine other colors. Pants are made of faux leather or crepe. Take cues from many different inspirations from stylish people who have tried these pant colors.

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6. Burgundy pants suit for wedding 

How to wear burgundy pants

If you intend to wear a burgundy suit to a wedding, consider opting for a monochrome suit. To make it not look too corporate, wear sandal heels, a clutch, or a baguette handbag. 

7. Burgundy wide-leg pants 

How to wear burgundy pants
How to wear burgundy pants

As I have said, wide-leg pants go well with a denim jacket when tucked in. The same is appropriate with a long-sleeve turtleneck top and cardigan.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What to wear with burgundy leggings 

Leggings are tight pants that hug the legs and are usually paired with longer blouses. In cold weather, layering is the preferred way to wear burgundy leggings. Dress in leggings with a blouse and a coat. 

What to wear with maroon pants, female 

There are various clothes to wear with maroon pants for women. Accessorize your look with statement pieces. The bright shades will make the burgundy color stand out. 

What color shirt goes with maroon pants for ladies? 

Burgundy is a timeless hue, and various shirts go with it. They are blue, black, white, cognac shirt, mustard, icy blue, rosy pink, navy blue, olive, forest green, and yellow shirts. There are a plethora of shirts to pair with burgundy don’t just stick to neutrals 

Burgundy pants is a versatile piece anyone can dress in so rock it like a fashionista and you are good to go.  

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